School Information

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Our Reception teacher is 

• Miss Normanton  

• Miss Duck in support

Year One

Our Year 1 teacher is:

• Miss Mitchell

• Miss Crook as the Teaching Assistant

Year Two

Our Year 2 teacher is 

• Mrs Prattent

• TA

Year Three

Our Year 3 teacher is 

• Mrs Baruah 

• Katy in support

Year Four

Our Year 4 teacher is 

• Mrs Schmidt

Year Five

Our Year 5 teacher is 

• Mr Wrankmore

Year Six

Your Year 6 teacher is:

  • Mrs Ward
  • Mrs Loulie

Learning Mentor

Miss Ditta is our Learning Mentor

Out of School Club

Miss Milburn is our out of school club manager and is supported by Karen Shearsby and Claire Duck

Office Staff

Lynn Bonner is our School Office Manager.

Emma Milner is our school Office Assistant.

Lunchtime Staff

Our lunchtime staff are:

Karen Shearsby, Claire Duck, Meena Sayania, Oume, Naila Robeen and Noor Ihmed.