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Welcome to Reception

Class Teacher: Miss Normanton

Teaching Assistant: Clare Duck

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Here is some useful information about this half term and an overview of what we will be learning about! We will be working a lot this half term on the transition to Year One, so it is really important that children are in school as much as possible.


Our topic is ‘Minibeasts’ and we will be looking at kinds of minibeasts, learning facts about them and also where they like to live! During this half term, we will have some caterpillars and observe their life cycle as they turn into butterflies! 

We will also have our farm visit to Hesketh Farm on Wednesday 8th June.


Our focus books this half term are going to be Superworm, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, What the Ladybird Did On Holiday, What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside and The Rainbow Fish.

We will be learning the following phonics sounds:

  • ‘er’ as in herbs
  • ‘er’ as in builder
  • ‘ue’ as in rescue
  • ‘ue’ as in glue
  • ‘ture’ as in picture
  • ‘ure’ as in pure
  • ai/ay
  • oi/oy
  • ee/ea
  • igh/ie
  • oa/ow
  • ue/ew
  • oo/ew
  • ow/ou


This half term, we will be learning about:

  • Depth of numbers within 20.
  • Numbers beyond 20.
  • Money – coin recognition, making 20p and looking at change from 10p.

Understanding the World:


  • Explore a range of minibeasts making observations and drawing what they see.
  • Contrast two different environments – pond and tree.
  • Observe the changes in a butterfly life cycle and record what they see.

Summer and the seaside

  • Understand the change of season from Spring to Summer drawing on their experiences.
  • Discuss holidays they have experienced in the past including other countries they have visited.
  • Learn about some of the animals found in the sea and contrast the animal with those found in the school environment.


PE will continue on a Thursday afternoon. Please make sure children have their PE kit on Thursdays (white t-shirt and black shorts) and that it is NAMED. Please ensure children are wearing trainers on Thursdays. We will only do PE outside if the weather is appropriate. This half term we will be focusing on team games, working and competing as a team, and then we will be getting ready for Sports Day!

Circle time:

We will be spending most of our circle times talking about the transition into Year One and looking at any anxieties and worries that children may have.

Parental involvement:

  • Bradley Bear and the Snuggle Pack will continue to be sent home every Friday.
  • Show and Share will continue on Thursday afternoons with Mr Thomas – the focus for each week will be put onto Dojo by either myself or Mr Thomas.
  • As I mentioned at the start of this newsletter, we are going to be working a lot on the transition into Year One. One thing we would like to work on is children’s independence in the mornings. It would be really helpful if adults could say goodbye to children outside and allow children to put their own belongings on their pegs etc. It will also speed up our mornings as well preventing crowding in the cloakroom.

Important dates:

Here are your ‘dates for the diary’ this half term.

  • Monday 6th June – INSET day – school closed to children.
  • Tuesday 7th June – Children back to school.
  • Wednesday 8th June – Trip to Hesketh Farm.
  • Thursday 9th June – Class photos in the morning.
  • Friday 1st July – INSET day – school closed to children.
  • Monday 11th July – Sports and Health Week – More information will be sent out about this nearer the time.
  • Thursday 21st July – Transition day.
  • Tuesday 26th July – Colour Run.
  • Tuesday 26th July – Last day of term (and the year!)

If you have any questions, please do ask or email me at

Many thanks,

Chloe-Rose Normanton

Reception Class Teacher