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Friday, 1 April 2022


I hope that you are all doing well and that you are looking forward to the Easter break? It has felt like a long time coming even though it has been a relatively short term! We’ve definitely had all four seasons in the last week too – t shirt weather and deep winter weather over the past couple of days, fingers crossed that we get some decent weather over the next couple of weeks!

Bake sale for Ukraine:

Thank you everyone for your contributions to this and to Francis and the PTA who have run this and provided some fantastic plants and cakes to sell! Thanks to everyone’s amazing efforts we have raised a stunning £483.00 which is just amazing! We will be sending this off to a couple of charities after Easter to help support families who are still in the Ukraine and desperately need help and support – this will probably be the Disasters Emergency Committee. Please see the attached link for more information:


This week our whole school attendance is 90.36% which is big drop from the last couple of weeks. We have had a few new cases of Covid 19 in school this week so please do continue to be vigilant when we come back after Easter.

Reception: 98.33% (well done – you’ll look after Attendance Ted after Easter!)

Year 1: 86.67%

Year 2: 85.20%

Year 3: 85.86%

Year 4: 93.55%

Year 5: 87.81%

Year 6: 96.15%

I will be sending out attendance letters in the first week back for any children who are below 90% attendance. Let’s make next half term great for attendance!

Minutes late:

This week we have had a total of 183 minutes late before registers close (at 9.15am) which equates to 3 hours and 3 minutes of lost learning. We have also had 281 minutes (4 hours 41 minutes) of lates after register has closed at 9.15am. These are marked as U for unauthorised and will count against attendance. It is essential that your children are in school and on time for their learning every day. The impact that this is having on children’s confidence and progress when they are frequently late is huge. As a school community we really need to work together to improve lates throughout the whole school.

After Easter you will be challenged if your child is late and asked for the reason. If they are late after the register has closed then this may well be referred to the attendance and welfare panel. Continued unauthorised lates and absences can result in fines being given out and in the most extreme circumstances court orders being given. We would very much like to avoid these scenarios and hope that we can work together to get children in to school and on time.

I will be sending out minutes late letters on our return after Easter and in these I will be outlining the school’s next steps to tackling this.

Easter Holiday Activities:

Below is a link to Child Friendly Leeds and the Leeds Challenge. This a challenge to get children outdoors more and undertaking a great big bug hunt over the Easter holidays. Please do have a look at the site as this is something that will be lots of fun for the children!

This Easter there are Holiday Activity clubs happening in our area at Hawksworth Wood Primary School  in week 1 - click this web link:

Clubs run 9am to 3.30pm and are for children aged 5 to 11 years old. Places cost £16 per day and are available on a first come first served basis.


Please see the slightly amended lunch menu for after Easter (I have attached this to this email for your information). This is also available to view on the school website

Good to be Green:

I have also attached for your information our Good to be Green chart – ‘It’s Good to be Green!’ this gives you some information on how we use our system when children struggle with some behaviour choices. We very much use this in a restorative approach where we talk to the child afterwards about what happened, how they were feeling, how the other person may have been feeling and what we can do to help them if they are feeling this way again. We also send a letter home to the family so they are aware of what has happened at school. The children respond well to this as it is fair and used consistently throughout school.

Summer term:

As we hopefully move into some sunnier, warmer weather can I take this opportunity to remind parents that whilst we don’t have a set school uniform there are still expectations around what children wear to school. Children are not to come in strappy tops/dresses (shoulders need to be covered to prevent sunburn). Flipflops and sliders aren’t allowed to be worn for footwear as these are not safe and cause a trip hazard for children. If children are wearing necklaces or rings they will be asked to remove them and they will be given back at the end of the day – these are not part of every day school wear. Studs are permitted for earrings only – no hoops or dangly earrings, please ensure your child/ren is wearing only studs to school. When (if) the weather gets very warm we would always recommend that children have a hat in school to wear outdoors (I know I’m being very optimistic!)

Diary dates:

Tuesday 19th April 2022 – school reopens

Wednesday 20th April – Year 4 trip to All Hallows (morning only)

Wednesday 20th April – D Side (drugs education)

Thursday 21st April – D Side (drugs education)

Monday 2nd May – Early May Bank Holiday (school closed) school reopens Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Wednesday 4th May – Year 5 trip to The Discovery Centre for Ancient Egypt

Friday 6th May – Year 1 trip to Temple Newsham for the Princess and the Pea morning

w/c 9th May – Year 6 SATs week

w/c 16th May – Year 2 SATs week

w/c 23rd May – Year 6 trip to Ingleborough

Friday 27th May – break up for half term

Monday 6th June INSET day (school closed to all children)

Tuesday 7th June – school reopens

Monday 20th June – Year 4 trip to Murton Park (Vikings)

Friday 1st July – INSET day (school closed to all children)

I think that’s it for this week and this half term! I hope that you all have a very lovely break whatever you are doing and we look forward to seeing you on our return on Tuesday 19th April at 9.00am.

Many thanks for all your support and understanding this half term – it has been hugely appreciated by every one of us!

Take care

Sarah xxx