Newsletter 17th June 2022

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Newsletter 17th June 2022

Friday, 17 June 2022


I hope you are all doing well and not melting too much in the heat!

It has been a nice week in school with some lovely learning going on throughout school – do have a look at our Twitter page for some photos of the work from this morning’s assembly.

It was great to see so many parents yesterday after school having a look at the proposed plans for our outdoor area. Thank you also for all the helpful comments, we can use these to finalise the plans. We also raised £119 to kick start the fundraising for the project, so that’s absolutely brilliant thank you!

Bike shed:

I have stacked all the old looking scooters and bikes in the corner of the bike shed (they are looking very unsightly) if they are still there in a week (i.e. if no one claims them) then they will either be given to charity or dumped.


Whole school – 88.21%

Reception – 88.89%

Year 1 – 88.58%

Year 2 – 82.05%

Year 3 – 86.21%

Year 4 – 93.89%

Year 5 – 84.38%

Year 6 – 93.52%

Well done to Year 4 who achieved the highest attendance this week.

We do really need to improve our attendance at school as this is well below the expected standard of 96%. I am going to be sending out further communication about what, as a school, we are going to do to drive our attendance back up. All holidays during term are unauthorised and these may well be referred on to Leeds City Council for fining.


Friday 10th June - Leeds United Choices Workshop Y6 in Hall: 9-10.35am 

w/c 12th June – multiplication tables checking exercise Year 4

Monday 20th June – Year 4 trip to Merton Park (Vikings)

Thursday 23rd June – Y5 trip to Nell Bank

Friday 1st July – INSET day (school closed to pupils)

Tuesday 5th July – Year 2 trip to Filey Beach

Wc Monday 11th July – Health and Sports week – including sports day and dance competition (more details to be confirmed later)

Monday 25th July – Year 3 trip to Merton Park (Romans)

Tuesday 26th July – colour run

Tuesday 26th July – Year 6 performance

Tuesday 26th July – break up

I think that’s it for this week. I hope you all have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you ready for school at 9.00am on Monday.

Take care

Sarah xx