Newsletter 17th December 2021

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Newsletter 17th December 2021

Friday, 17 December 2021


Thank you all so much for helping us make it to the end of term! It has certainly been an interesting one for a number of different reasons!

It has been lovely to be able to have you all in for the mini performances over the past two weeks – I hope that you enjoyed seeing them. It was also great to be able to hold our winter fair which raised over £1500 which is just brilliant. This morning we had the joy of the school choir in assembly who performed two songs for us, so that definitely got us all in the festive spirit!


If your child tests positive for Covid 19 over the holidays please do send me an email as we have to keep our health and safety team updated. It is also important that we know the date of symptoms/testing so that we can ensure the return to school date is accurate.

At the moment there are no planned changes to how school is operating for our return in January. However, with the current situation this could change. If there are any changes made to school reopening/how we run school then I will send an email and a text message over the holidays to let you know – so please do read these if you receive one.

Parents/visitors to the school will need to continue wearing a face covering on our return in January. If you are visiting school for any length of time then you will also need to take a lateral flow test (for example if you come to stay and play in reception or if you are a parent volunteer etc). It is essential that if you or your child are displaying any Covid 19 symptoms then you do not come to school until a negative PCR test has been sought.


Whole school – 89.03%

Reception: 87.50%

Year 1: 81.68%

Year 2: 85.63%

Year 3: 81.89%

Year 4: 95.04%

Year 5: 94.15%

Year 6: 96.75%

This is the lowest our whole school attendance has been since I started in post at the school. We aim for our whole school attendance to be 96.5% or above. I understand that there are lots of bugs and illnesses around at the moment but it is essential that on our return in January your child attends school if they are well. Children have missed a lot of school this term and this has a longer term impact on their learning, progress and understanding.

It is also essential that on our return children arrive to school promptly. School starts at 9.00am and we are still having a large number of children arriving well after this time. This isn’t acceptable as it has a huge knock on effect on the rest of the class as their learning is disrupted by every late arrival to the classroom. It also means that the child who is late is missing valuable input and learning time. Please ensure that your child/ren arrive to school on time in January.

A number of families will be receiving letters today with their child’s attendance figures (if a child is below 90% since September). We appreciate that for some children there are very valid and unavoidable reasons (such as isolating and awaiting test results etc) and that these absences have been authorised. However, we felt it was important for all of the families where attendance is below 90% (which is deemed as persistently absent) that you are informed of your child’s current attendance. These letters have been sent out even if your child, in normal circumstances, has very good attendance as this is the Leeds protocol.


We return to school on Wednesday 5th January 2022 and school starts at 9.00am.

I hope that you all manage to have a very lovely break over the next couple of weeks and that you all manage to stay safe and well and that you get to do whatever you have planned.

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you all next year,

Take care

Sarah xx