Friday 10th June Newsletter

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Friday 10th June Newsletter

Friday, 10 June 2022

Hello all,

I hope this finds you well and that you all had a good half term break? It has been lovely to see the children back this week and I’ve heard about lots of lovely things that they got up to over the half term break.

Parent consultation for development of outdoor learning at Spring Bank

From Nesta, Izz (Lemon Balm) and the PTA - come and see our plans for improving the school’s outdoor area on Thursday 16th June at 3.30pm


Some of you may remember when the PTA consulted parents on ideas for improving our school grounds. These ideas have now been put into a draft plan we would like to share with you. 


After school on Thursday 16th June, parents and children will be able to see the draft plans for improving our outdoor area and - most importantly - give us your feedback. 


We are really keen to improve the outdoor spaces so children can enjoy more lessons and activities outside - and we are excited to hear what you think of our plans so far.


Meet outside at 3:30pm on Thursday to see and comment on the plans, have a tour of the areas and maybe buy a bun to help us kick-start our fundraising!


PTA Bake Sale 


We will also be holding a bun sale to raise money for the project. Please bring along any baked goodies you can on Thursday 16th. Thanks!!


Colour Run

As mentioned last week we are going to do the colour run on the last day of term (July). So please look out for some more information on this in the coming weeks.


Whole school attendance – 91.18% thank you for increasing this from the last week of term, but we still need to do lots more to carry on improving!

Reception – 93.75%

Year 1 – 90.74%

Year 2 – 92.69%

Year 3 – 88.97%

Year 4 – 87.67%

Year 5 – 92.19%

Year 6 – 92.96%

Well done to Reception who have got Attendance Ted to look after this week!

Minutes Late:

This week, we have had a total 204 minutes later into school – this equates to 3 hours and 24 minutes of lost learning throughout the school. I know I go on about it a lot but it is so important that children are in school on time and ready to learn in the morning. It is so disruptive to the class when there are children arriving late and the children who are arriving late also don’t like going in when everyone is settled and ready. There will be a late gate next week (when a member of staff will stand at the gate with a clipboard and take names and reasons for lateness as we really need to try and find ways to improve punctuality at the school).


Friday 10th June - Leeds United Choices Workshop Y6 in Hall: 9-10.35am 

w/c 12th June – multiplication tables checking exercise Year 4

Monday 20th June – Year 4 trip to Merton Park (Vikings)

Thursday 23rd June – Y5

Friday 1st July – INSET day (school closed to pupils)

Tuesday 5th July – Year 2 trip to Filey Beach

Wc Monday 11th July – Health and Sports week – including sports day and dance competition (more details to be confirmed later)

Monday 25th July – Year 3 trip to Merton Park (Romans)

Tuesday 26th July – colour run

Tuesday 26th July – Year 6 performance

Tuesday 26th July – break up

I think that’s it for this week. I hope that you all manage to enjoy the weekend (at the moment it looks like it might be sunny!)

Take care

Sarah xxx