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At Spring Bank Primary our aim for all our pupils is to ensure that they become fluent in Mathematics, through frequent practice and opportunities to recall and apply their knowledge rapidly. They need to be able to reason mathematically and solve problems through breaking them down into simpler steps and persevering in finding solutions. Pupils are given many opportunities to apply their learning across the curriculum. The school uses White Rose Maths Hub scheme of learning in all year groups which takes a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to mathematics. Spring Bank is currently developing a Mastery approach in conjunction with West Riding Maths Hub. 

For further information please read our vision document.


Please click on the links below to view the Long Term Plans for each year group.

Year 1 Maths LTP

Year 2 Maths LTP

Year 3 Maths LTP

Year 4 Maths LTP

Year 5 Maths LTP

Year 6 Maths LTP

Please click on the link below to view the progression document.

National-Curriculum-Progression-Primary (1)

Please click on the links below to view the Maths National Curriculum year by year.

Addition and Subtraction




direction and movement

Geometry properties of shapes


Multiplication and Division

Place Value


Ratio and proportion


At Spring Bank we are using the attached calculation policy to support our teaching and learning in Maths throughout school. As we are currently using the White Rose Scheme of Learning in maths our calculation policy is in line with this.

Addition and subtraction calculation policy 2020

Multiplication and Division calculation policy 2020

The policy is designed to take learners through each operation from the beginning, where practical methods support understanding, right up to where standard written methods are used. The progression in Bar Modelling to support the four operations is used alongside this.

Bar Model Progression Document – Four Operations