Spring Bank Primary School

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The Alchemist




A Musical World

Every time a musical note is played, by anyone, anywhere, Music World grows. Just a tiny bit at a time.

Glorious, green mountains rise up; bubbling streams flow from the frets, and twisting trees form from the strings.

This is just the beginning: who can tell what instrument will transform into a host of new life when the next note is struck?

Can you continue the tale? What is about to happen? Which instrument is about to burst into life?

Music: Can you create some beats using this brilliant music site, Patatap?


Philosophy talk: Which musical instrument or type of music is the best? Why?


A New World

Story starter!

She had already travelled so far, yet still had so much further to go. This was just the beginning of her journey.

She began today like every other: sitting with her line in the water, hoping to catch a bite for breakfast.

It had been over three weeks since she had seen another person, three weeks since the land had disappeared…

Philosophy talk: Is it better to live in a place with too much water or not enough water?

Science: Is there more land or water on Earth?

DT: Imagine that people could no longer live on land, but had to live in the sea. What would their new home look like?