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If you would like a change from Joe Wickes, then https://www.gonoodle.com/for-families/ comes highly recommended by the SEN team at Leeds to help children to burn off excess energy. There is an app which you can download where children can engage in games, yoga and mindfulness activities which may help them to concentrate better on their work at home.


Here are some resources which may help at home.


The school is subscribed to www.nessy.com and each child has their log in.

Please check out the squeebles app for support with spelling and times tables.

Reading & Writing

For learners who usually benefit from additional reading and writing support when at school Crick Software is offering every school free access for their pupils and teachers to use on their home devices. Choose from:

Clicker for primary schools – works on iPad, Chromebook, Windows & Mac

Simply complete this access request form and they will be in touch with your access codes and installation instructions.

Further information call 01604 671691 or email   info@cricksoft.com.


STARS have put together a wide range of resources http://www.starsteam.org.uk/coronavirus-resources  including Covid 19 social stories, symbols for using at home, Talking Mats for social distancing, structuring the day and keeping busy and loads more! Also see attached booklet which may be of use to your staff in school.

Reading Wise

Offering free  resources for reading and literacy during period of school closure.

Online reading programmes that can all be accessed at home and teachers can administer them remotely.


Year of Reading

David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day at the moment

Support for CLA & CYP affected by trauma

Dr Dan Hughes – Parenting a Traumatised Child While Living through COVID 19

The Trauma Therapist Podcast – Staying emotionally close in time of COVID 19



30th March 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all managing to stay at home and be safe. I have added some other useful links to websites that can support your child at home. 

I know that there will be so many of you who will be scared and worried about the effects of Coronavirus on you and your families. First of all, know what we are here via telephone or email to support you. The MIND website also offer a range of resources and tips to help manage and reduce anxiety during this unprecedented time. In the meantime, stay safe and take care.

Maths Skills

Below are a range of resources for supporting your child’s maths skills. 

Missing Numbers

Counting 1-100

Bead Patterns

Literacy Skills

Some resources for supporting your child with Literacy skills, some of which link to real life too!

Listen and colour 

Picture and writing prompts

Spot what is wrong

What am I?

I spy

I spy checklist


The strange feelings that many of us are all experiencing, can be even more confusing and distressing for some of our SEND pupils. Below are some resources for supporting your child with structure, routine and effective communication. 

Home Visual Timetable- to help them see the structure of the day. 

Now and Next board- for those children that might need the day breaking down into smaller steps or activities. 

Social Story- Carol Gray has created a story to help children understand the virus. 

UPDATE- click here for a range of videos that can support Intensive Interaction. 

Speech & Language

A Speech and Language Therapist has provided the following resources to help your child at home. If you know that your child has a Speech and Language programme in place, these are great tools to use. 

3 Category game

Common Objects

His or Her

UPDATE: a useful wesbite link to NHS tools for supporting speech and language 

Motor Skills

Here are some resources that can help with fine and gross motor skills at home.

Gross Motor Activity Cards

Pencil Control Activity Book

Playdough song

Scissor skills


Sensory activities are great for both meeting your child’s needs and keeping them busy at the same time.

Sensory activities

Click here for a range of sensory activities and recipes linked to the 5 senses. 

Creating sounds using a range of materials can also be good fun. Click here for the resources. 


Here are some resources and games to help with emotions and looking after feelings. 

Board Game

Emotion fans

Websites and links

Here are some great websites and links to help you at home:

Nessy is a great online resource to help with their Literacy skills. Your child will have a log in for this if they use this website in school. 

UPDATE- Phonics play is offering all parents free membership during this period of time and has a range of games and interactive online resources.