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Dear Year 3 and Year 4,

Can you solve my problem for me? You can post your answers on the problem solving board in the hall.

Good luck!

Square problem


Warning! Terrible maths joke…

What snakes are good at maths?



I look forward to reading your solutions to the problems and perhaps hearing some better jokes!

From Mrs Baruah


Y4 Spring 2


IMG_1962 IMG_1983 IMG_1991 (2) IMG_1993 (2) IMG_1994 IMG_2390 IMG_2461 IMG_2462 IMG_2468 IMG_2469 IMG_2473 IMG_2475 IMG_2480 IMG_2483 IMG_2486 IMG_2488 IMG_2493 IMG_2496 IMG_2498 IMG_2513


IMG_2074 IMG_2075 IMG_2091 IMG_2094 IMG_2096 IMG_2098 IMG_2099 IMG_2104 IMG_2106


IMG_1817 IMG_1815 IMG_1814 IMG_1813 IMG_1812 IMG_1808 IMG_1807 IMG_1806 IMG_1805 IMG_1801 IMG_1800 IMG_1798 IMG_1795 IMG_1794 IMG_1792 IMG_1789 IMG_1785 IMG_1783 IMG_1782 IMG_1780


Enjoy a selection of photos from our topic work this half term. More to come after our Greek Day!


IMG_20100108_035819 IMG_20100108_035837 IMG_20100108_035851 IMG_20100108_035918 IMG_20100108_035932 IMG_20100108_040029 IMG_20100108_040124 IMG_20100108_040150 IMG_20100108_040250IMG_2140 IMG_2142 IMG_2153 IMG_2159 IMG_2163 IMG_2168 IMG_2170 IMG_2179 IMG_2184


Year 4 had a fabulous day working with Sam. We spent a busy morning investigating sound and how it all works, followed by an even busier afternoon making instruments. What a musical class!


IMG_20100129_234407 IMG_20181019_142128 IMG_20181019_142116 IMG_20100130_013547 IMG_20100130_005218 IMG_20100130_005032 IMG_20100130_002916 IMG_20100130_002235 IMG_20100130_000327 IMG_20100129_235832 IMG_20100129_235342 IMG_20181019_150307 IMG_20181019_145617 IMG_20181019_145542 IMG_20181019_145528 IMG_20181019_143736 IMG_20181019_142924 IMG_20181019_142741 IMG_20181019_142723 IMG_20181019_151119 IMG_20181019_142259