Spring Bank Primary School

Meanwood Farm


Reception had a wonderful day at the farm last week. We started at the pond, where we worked in pairs and used nets to find lots of different creepy crawlies. We found blood worms, leeches and lots of pond snails! We then used magnifying glasses and pipettes to have a closer look.

After lunch we went on a tour of the farm, we got to hold a rabbit, feed the rams and goats and have a wander around the chicken coop alongside the chickens! We even found some freshly laid eggs!

The highlight for lots of the children (and staff) was getting to feed the lambs using baby bottles filled with warm milk. The children really enjoyed this experience.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards the cost of this school trip, without your support this trip could not have gone ahead.

Please have a look at the photos below, which help show what a fantastic experience the whole day was.

DSC03216 DSC03231 DSC03238 DSC03246 DSC03268 DSC03274 DSC03282 DSC03285 DSC03286 DSC03288 DSC03296 DSC03299 DSC03303 DSC03304 DSC03309 IMG_3485 IMG_3495 IMG_3505 IMG_3507 IMG_3528 IMG_3533 IMG_3537 IMG_3539 IMG_3541 IMG_3546 IMG_3548 IMG_3552 IMG_3564 IMG_3593 IMG_3601 IMG_3607 IMG_3619 IMG_3623 IMG_3636 IMG_3638 IMG_3644 IMG_3647 IMG_3651 IMG_3654 IMG_3657 IMG_3661 IMG_3665 IMG_3676 IMG_3707 IMG_3769 IMG_3777


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