Spring Bank Primary School

Year 4 Sound Workshop


Year 4 had a fabulous day working with Sam. We spent a busy morning investigating sound and how it all works, followed by an even busier afternoon making instruments. What a musical class!


IMG_20100129_234407 IMG_20181019_142128 IMG_20181019_142116 IMG_20100130_013547 IMG_20100130_005218 IMG_20100130_005032 IMG_20100130_002916 IMG_20100130_002235 IMG_20100130_000327 IMG_20100129_235832 IMG_20100129_235342 IMG_20181019_150307 IMG_20181019_145617 IMG_20181019_145542 IMG_20181019_145528 IMG_20181019_143736 IMG_20181019_142924 IMG_20181019_142741 IMG_20181019_142723 IMG_20181019_151119 IMG_20181019_142259

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