Spring Bank Primary School

Curriculum Ambassadors

At Spring Bank Primary we elect Curriculum Ambassadors every year. These young leaders are two children from each class who represent one of the subjects of the National Curriculum. They meet each half term with subject leaders bringing their books and other work along to the meeting. During the meeting the children have the opportunity to feed back on their learning and make suggestions about how the curriculum could be improved in their subject. The Curriculum Ambassadors for 2015-2016 are:


Year 1 – Rodzers and Phoebe Year 2 – Xavi and Emma Year 3 – Lauren and Rohan Year 4 – Hashim, Kitty and Martha Year 5 – Niyati and George Year 6 – Natalia and Frank




Gabriel and Penny (Year 1), Martha and Freddie (Year 2), Albert and Amelie (Year 3), Luna and Shad (Year 4), Polly and Ben (Year 5), Bobby and Stef (Year 6)

Topic (Geography, History, Design Technology)

Lucy and Ophelia (Year 1), Millie and Elias (Year 2), Ella and Idris (Year 3), Aemilia and Orla (Year 4), Miriem-Caterina and Sufyaan (Year 5), Aisha and Hashim (Year 6)






William and Harley (Year 1), Adil and Caitlyn (Year 2), Maisie and Luna-Maria (Year 3), Eddie and Mujtaba (Year 4), Mally and Xahon (Year 5), Dylan and Ellie (Year 6)