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Stars of the Week Category


Stars of the Week!

A big congratulations is in order for this week’s stars for some fantastic work! This week’s awards were given out for some eye-ctaching rugby skills; for displays of resilience and effort in the classroom and work completed to an exceptionally high standard.

Well done on recieving your well deserved certificates and your star status!



Stars of the Week!

After a fantastic start last week we continued with the great work this week and had another set of marvelous stars! This week’s awards were for a whole host of different achievements: we were wowed with literacy and numeracy work, we had star football performances and had some imaginative poetry. We hope that we continue to be impressed with more outstanding work from all of our pupils.

Well done to our stars this week!

Stars 15.9.17


Stars 8.9.17

Stars of the Week!

We had plenty of stars this week to start off our year! The stars this week were awarded for all-round positive, hard-working starts to the new school year and for many of our stars, a completely new school. We hope our stars can continue and turn their brilliant start into a fantastic and successful year and we’re certain that we have many more stars to come!


Well done!



Stars of The Week!

We’ve awarded plenty of Stars this week! In Year 6 they’ve been awarded for amazing art and technical drawing, and in Year 2 for some beautifully presented work about plants, likewise for writing in Reception. Meanwhile in Year 4, certificates were given for basketball and for hard work in tests in Year 3. Finally, in Year 1 Stars were bestowed for fantastic descriptive writing and in Year 5 for their bridge making workshop.




Stars of the Week!

Stars of the week, with the exception of Year 1 who were out on a trip, were awarded this week for a host of reasons. Year 3 received theirs for their class assembly about the Romans, while in Year 4 Stars were awarded for attitude to writing and hard work in topic lessons. In Year 6 certificates were given for maths and literacy, and in Year 5 and 2 for literacy work as well, meanwhile in Reception, a Star was given for being a good friend. Finally, the girl’s football team received their certificates from yesterday’s St Bart’s Cup tournament and were congratulated on their magnificent performance!

footballers stars 16 6


Stars of the Week!

Our Stars this week were awarded for a variety of reasons! In Year 4 and 5, certificates were given for maths, specifically problem solving, meanwhile in Year 6 one was given for arithmetic and Year 2 for times tables. Also in Year 6, one was awarded for their recent trip to Ingleborough and likewise in Reception, Stars were given for excellent questions and behaviour on their trip to Temple Newsam. Moreover, Year 1 received theirs for all their effort and preparation for their fantastic assembly about animals.



Stars of The Week!

Congratulations to all our stars of the week this week; certificates were received for a wide range of achievements! Year 6 were awarded for thoughtful and well expressed opinions on the up-coming general election and in Year 4 for well made class contributions. Meanwhile, Reception and Year 2 were rewarded for their amazing artwork of insects!



Stars of the Week!

Well done to all our stars of the week this week, including all of Year 6 who were received a certificate for all their hard work during their SATs exams. Year 4 were awarded certificates for excellent reading, Year 2 had Stars for classifying animals as a group, meanwhile Reception and Year 5 were rewarded for their writing, about chicks and in French respectively.




Stars of the Week!

Another whole class star was awarded this week to Year 3 for their informative trip to Leeds City Museum where they took part in a workshop about the Romans. Meanwhile, stars were awarded in Year 6 for being proactive and asking questions in lessons, for art in Year 4 and Reception, excellent poetry in Year 2 and in Year 5 for PE.





Stars of the Week!

Lots of certificates were awarded this week for hard work and concentration leading to some great learning, including Year 6 and Year 2, meanwhile Year 5 and Year 4 were awarded Stars for poetry. Year 3 were awarded a whole class Star for their trip to Tropical World where they took lots of photos to record their visit and Reception got certificates for work relating to the arrival of their chicken eggs.