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Stars of the Week Category


Stars of the Week!

Another whole class star was awarded this week to Year 3 for their informative trip to Leeds City Museum where they took part in a workshop about the Romans. Meanwhile, stars were awarded in Year 6 for being proactive and asking questions in lessons, for art in Year 4 and Reception, excellent poetry in Year 2 and in Year 5 for PE.





Stars of the Week!

Lots of certificates were awarded this week for hard work and concentration leading to some great learning, including Year 6 and Year 2, meanwhile Year 5 and Year 4 were awarded Stars for poetry. Year 3 were awarded a whole class Star for their trip to Tropical World where they took lots of photos to record their visit and Reception got certificates for work relating to the arrival of their chicken eggs.



Stars of the Week!


Well done to our last stars of this term! Certificates were awarded to our gym team who competed again last week and a footballer of the week was awarded a certificate too! In Year 4 a whole class star of the week award was given for their fantastic and diverse homework to artistically represent an animal, and Year 6 certificates were awarded for print making, other students received theirs for good literacy and improving over this term in their learning.

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Stars of the Week!

This week, our stars were awarded for print-making, being kind ot others, some fantastic literacy work and volcano artwork!

Congratulations to all our stars of the week!




Stars of the Week!

Lots of certificates were given for some great printing artwork in Year 6 this week; congratulations to all our stars of the week!


Stars of the Week!

This week certificates were awarded to 2 whole classes! Reception collected a certificate for their excellent behaviour and sensible walking during their trip to Pizza Express in Headingly, while Year 2 were awarded Star of the Week for their fantastic behaviour and listening skills during their recent trip to Cannon Hall open farm. A certificate was also awarded to this week’s football player of the week, and other stars received their certificates for consistent hard work, asking questions, being kind to others and for some crafty homework!

Well done to all our stars of the week!



Stars of the Week!

Congratulations to all our stars of the week, many of which were literacy and literary themed in honour of World Book Day yesterday!

Certificated were awarded for maths, Lewis Carol inspired poetry, being avid readers and writing about their favourite books.



Stars of the Week!

Well done to all our stars of the week! Certificates were awarded this week for science work, being a good friend and literacy work. After all the testing in Key Stage 2 this week, Year 5 were awarded their certificate as a whole class for all their hard work, and one year 6 certificate was awarded for excellent results in their arithmetic test.



Stars of the Week!


Congratulations for our last Stars of the week this half term! Certificates were also given for swimming and Brownies. Stars of the week were awarded for creative poetry, guides to the Amazon rainforest, working hard and concentrating and some weather themed printed artwork.



Stars of the Week!

IMG_0918 IMG_0919

Lots of Stars this week, including a whole class award for Year 4 for their research about the Brazilian flag and their creativity in designing their own personal flags. Certificates were awarded for maths and creative writing and, in Year 6, to 2 students who have been fantastic pupils during their time at the school.

Well done to all our Stars of the Week!