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Stars of the Week!

As you all know this week was Health and Sports Week and our Good Work assembly was dedicated to the children who stood out in the many activities that took place through the week. Reception’s stars had really tried their best in their first sports day and Rose had even come from hospital that morning to compete! Year 1’s had tried really hard and been encouraging each other in all activities. In Year 2 we had Greg who had been impressing all week and was very proud to complete the Move a Mile!

In KS2 medals were handed out brilliant attitude to activities in the week and great skills on display. Notably, Year 5 had a whole host of stars for adopting a great attitude to the week despite not being able to take part in some activities due to injury (of which there are many in Year 5!).


Well done to all of our stars and to all students this week for a fantastic week of health and sports activities!




Stars of the Week!

First on the agenda this week was prizes for the Summer Fair poster, with Libby and Penny in first place and Harry of Reception in a close second, with some fantastic entries it was hard to choose the winner but these posters really stood out!

Swimming was a theme for our Good Work assembly this week with extra-curricular badges and certificates for some children whilst some brave Y4s had taken the plunge to swim 25 m (a whole length!) and were duly rewarded for their brave efforts.

Across the school certificates were awarded for some detailed, descriptive writing with The Hobbit in Y5, in Y2 the whole class were stars after their seaside trip to Filey this week; we had some shotput experts in Y6, kind words and behavior towards friends in Year 1 and Reception, which is lovely to hear, and in Y3 certificates were awarded for astounding vocabulary shown in writing and some impressive independent working for our Year 3.

Well done to all of our stars!



Stars of the Week!

We started with a fantastic sporting achievement this week from the Y4, 5 and 6 girls who took part in St. Bart’s Cup on Thursday 21st June. They did very well and managed to win two games despite never having played together as a team, so a big well done to them.

Back in school, Reception’s stars had completed yet more brilliant writing on the Titanic showing some in-depth historical knowledge and even created a World Cup sweepstake, Y1 had a whole class of stars for putting on their marvellous assembly this week, whilst Year 2 had done some brilliant work on their Seaside topic and one star had a certificate for bouldering too. Year 3’s stars were awarded for their creative work and writing following their drama day this week; Year 4 produced some spectacular models for their Vikings homework, whilst Year 5’s stars were awarded for being responsible learners! Last, but not least, Year 6 had a team of stars for their film trailer production work.

Well done to all of our stars this week!



Stars of the Week!

This week Luke from Year 2 kicked us off with his Level 1 swimming certificate, a fantastic achievement and a very important skill to have! Reception’s stars had produced some phenomenal fairy tale stories with pictures to boot, very impressive from them, whilst Year 2 showed us some more writing skills with their Seaside poetry. Year 3’s stars were awarded for their attitudes to learning and their all-round, growing knowledge stemming from their hard work! Year 4 had been working on decimals in Maths and were duly awarded for thorough work and mathematical thinking. Year 5 had showed their sporting prowess and were awarded for impressive tennis skills, whilst Year 6 had done some incredibly advanced work on stocks and shares in ICT (any investment tips would be much appreciated!). Though Year 1 were all stars this week, as Miss. Mitchell was impressed with the whole class for their fabric making and ridding the class of aliens once and for all!


Well done to all of our stars this week!IMG_1485[1]


Stars of the Week

This week we started with awarding certificates to the three remaining Year 6 students, who had stayed at school whilst the rest of their class went to Ingleborough, this left them with the job of helpers! And a marvelous job they did too, without a single complaint. Reception were awarded for their friendship and creativity in their play, Y1 had done some fantastic clay models, whilst Year 2 had been making some very fashionable bags. Year 4 had also been doing practical work this wee and their stars were awarded for their impressive work on their moving toys.

Well done to all of our stars this week, enjoy your well-deserved half-term break!



Stars of the Week!

Well done to all of our stars this week! In reception we had more fantastic writing on show, commitment to reading was commended in Year 5; Y4 showed off some exemplary topic work with fact-files on ‘The Vikings’ and we had more great work across the school.

A special mention must go to the Year 6s, who have had a long, hard week completing their SATs. They looked a tired bunch by the end of the week and had obviously put everything into their tests, not just in the last week but in the whole year building up to them.

So well done to all of our stars and a special well done to Year 6 for getting through your tough SATs week and good luck with your results!

IMG_20180518_092751[1] IMG_20180518_092605[1]



Stars of the Week!

Congratulations to all of our stars this week for their certificates. As usual we had awards for a wide array of achievements: Reception’s stars had done some brilliant maths and phonics work; Year 4’s stars were awarded for descriptive writing and for a great start to the a new school for Emile whilst across the rest of the school some fantastic Maths was on show, more hard work shown by Year 6 before their upcoming SATs and some very impressive work was on display from other classes.

A special congratulations to Lauren G and Emma who recently won medals for 7th and 9th position, respectively, out of a total of 38 participants in the Leeds Schools Cross Country. They were awarded medals by Leeds Schools Athletics, so a big well done to them and very well deserved – two budding Olympic athletes in the making perhaps!



Stars of the Week

The Reception stars this week were awarded for their absolutely brilliant writing and hard working attitudes as they continue to develop so well! Year 4s were awarded their certificates for some very creative homework projects in their Wild at Heart topic and they had a football certificate to show too. Year 6 showed further improvement in their arithmetic tests and good attitudes to learning which is very positive to hear in the run up to their tests. Whilst Year 1s had done more impressive Literacy in their work with poems.

Well done to all of our stars this week!





Stars of the Week!

Reception started us off this week with their numeracy skills and displaying their enthusiasm for reading and writing which is great to hear! The whole of Year 1 were stars this week as they had all done some great work on their fairytale maps, whilst our Year 2 had a host of stars all awarded for their creative chicken art. The Year 3 stars earned their certificates for great all round attitudes to learning and some brilliant Maths, Year 4 continued this trend and were awarded for their perseverance and achievement in the fraction work they have been undertaking. Year 5 and 6 were awarded for their fantastic writing!

We also had our gymnasts to reward for their fantastic performances at the recent competition so a congratulations is in order for them after all their hard work and training gym club has paid off! Awards were also given for footballing and swimming achievements – so some great sporting achievements to celebrate with our students at Spring Bank!IMG_20180420_093016[1]

A big well done to all of our stars this week!


Stars of the Week!

Reception kicked us off again this week with more brilliant work in and out of school, it’s fantastic to hear that their stars have been reading at home and working hard in lessons even when things are really tough.

Y1 showed off their range of skills, with certificates for writing, Maths and for swimming too.

The Year 4 stars were awarded their certificates for effective work in forest schools and for fractions work in Maths; Y5’s were rewarded for their work on their Leeds University trip to the science department, whilst Year 6 displayed their fantastic writing skills yet again and some more high-end test scores, this time in Maths.

Across other years there were more stars showing off their hard work and positive attitudes to get their hard-earned ‘Star Certificate’.

Well done to all of our stars this week!