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On Tuesday 30th January the Spring Bank children took part in a very interesting workshop with Mrs. Ryan to learn all about Muscular Dystrophy. The children did lots of different activities including making bunting for ‘Go Orange’ Day, and taking part in lots of games like football and hopscotch with bags of flour taped to their legs to get an insight into what it might feel like to have Muscular Dystrophy and how it tiring it can be.

Here are some pictures from the day to show what the childrenĀ got up to:

IMG_20180130_101412 IMG_20180130_101321 IMG_20180130_101310 IMG_20180130_101144 IMG_20180130_101112 IMG_20180130_094900 IMG_20180130_094844 IMG_20180130_094820 IMG_20180130_094727IMG_20180130_151052 IMG_20180130_150650 IMG_20180130_150420 IMG_20180130_145804 IMG_20180130_135504 IMG_20180130_135322 IMG_20180130_134408 IMG_20180130_135322 IMG_20180130_134408 IMG_20180130_102110 IMG_20180130_101412 IMG_20180130_094900 IMG_20180130_152056IMG_20180130_094844 IMG_20180130_101112 IMG_20180130_111826 IMG_20180130_111928 IMG_20180130_134408 IMG_20180130_102110 IMG_20180130_151135 IMG_20180130_150414




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21stĀ March is World Down Syndrome Day. Wendy Uttley from Down Syndrome Training and Support Service, Bradford gave an excellent assembly to the whole school. We all learnt a lot, including all about the extra chromosome number 23 – (which is why World Down Syndrome Day is on 21st day of the 3rd month!)