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Today we welcomed Andy Seed, author of children’s books including the ‘Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff’, filled with fun facts and jokes to tell, and ‘Prankenstein’, a mystery novel.

Andy told us some knock-knock jokes from his book, as well as some funny scientific names of animals (who knew a Magpie’s scientific name was ‘Pica Pica’?!), we tried a terrific tongue twister (Irish wristwatch) and we guessed how many Year 6 pupils it would take to balance on a see-saw with a gorilla, a crocodile and a blue whale! Lucky participants who got the correct answers were given a pencil with a moustache on the end and some were given a bookmark. Andy also told us about receiving his Blue Peter award for Best Book with Facts in 2015 and answered questions from our own budding authors about publishers and which writers inspired him.

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As part of our weekly SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) assembly, our dance club performed for the whole school! The theme of our assembly was about the 3 ‘P’s: perseverance, being positive and having patience in order to reach a goal or learn something new. Our dance club have done just that, practising their routines every Tuesday after school and being patient and positive until they had learnt all the steps.

Congratulations to all our performers and their dance teacher for their fabulous show!



The NSPCC visited Spring Bank to talk about their ‘Speak out, Stay safe’ campaign. They led Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 assemblies and did workshops with Year 5 and 6.





Well done to our Reception class on their fantastic performance of Cock a Doodle Christmas! Many thanks to all the adults and staff who helped behind the scenes with costumes, prompting and line learning; likewise a big thank-you to all who came to watch the play this morning and who donated £70 to Reception’s collection bucket to buy a chick incubator this spring.



We participated in Anti-Bullying Week this week; to end the week we all wore blue and joined hands making a large ring around the school to show we are united against bullying and will use our ‘power for good’.



Oxfam received lots of entries, including poems and short stories, from Spring Bank for their Autumn and Halloween themed writing competition. We raised £53 for Oxfam, which they put towards helping children’s access to education in different parts of the world.



On Friday 4th November Reception welcomed some special feathered visitors, along with other small animals, for the day. One of the owls also delivered a letter in assembly to solve the Year 6’s Sherlock Holmes mystery.


D-Side came into school on Friday 14th October to teach the children in Key Stage 2 about the risks surrounding drugs.


Yesterday we unveiled our plaque dedicated to Mrs Lewis which stands in front of the tree we had planted for her in Spring. We were so pleased that her friends and especially her family could join us all to remember her. Thank you all so much for coming.photo 1photo 2


On Thursday 14th July, both KS1 and KS2 sports days took place in the glorious sunshine. All children took part in a variety of different sporting events including long jump, shuttle races, javelin, shot put, basketball shooting, target throws and hurdles. After the class events took place we watched representatives from each class compete in the sprint race, egg and spoon race, shot put, team race, relay race and the javelin. Well done to all the children for a fantastic day and to all the parents that came to support (and race in the egg and spoon race!). A big thank you to Mr Wrankmore for organising the day. Have a look at photos from the day below:

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