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Stars of the Week!


We started with some certificates from out of school this week; with certificates given for good work at mosque and a karate grading, it was great to see all types of hard work being rewarded! Our star certificates were awarded for some spooky Halloween poems, in-depth reports on the Stone Age, literacy work on Autumn, some good measuring work and writing in Reception and for some a positive attitude to learning earned them their star of the week certificate. One brilliant and caring star was even awarded their certificate for sharing their Halloween sweets with the class – very kind and thoughtful! We also had the whole of Y6 up in assembly to show us their fantastic, 60’s style artwork!

Well done to all of our stars this week!


Year 4 were lucky enough to enjoy a whole day of the ‘Science of Sound’ workshop allowing them to get hands on with their science topic and learn some new and interesting things in a really fun way. Sam Paechter, an extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic sound specialist, came in equipped with all sorts of gear to help Year 4 learn all about sound, including how it is made, what materials sound can travel through and how an echo works amongst many other interesting bits of information. After gaining all this knowledge the class were able to build some instruments of their own and then make some sounds of their own, an opportunity which they jumped at!!


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Recently, we welcomed the wonderful ‘Young Shakespeare Company’ for their yearly performance for our Year 5s and 6s. As always the play was a great success, extremely entertaining and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students and staff who were lucky enough to be able to watch and (as we can see in some of the pictures) even take up some starring roles of their own!

Here are some of the comments from the students:

“I enjoyed every part of it. I want to watch more Shakespeare plays now” – Jayden, Year 6

“I didn’t think I would enjoy watching a Shakespeare play. You changed my mind.” – Abbie, Year 6

“I loved it! The actors made it feel so real!” – Marilyn, Year 6



Stars of the Week!

P1060807This week turned out to be a very special one for our ‘Stars of the Week’ assembly – our Year 1 class produced a whole group of stars! No less than six Year 1 students were given a ‘Star of the Week’ certificate for amazing teamwork in their literacy piece on fruit. Across the rest of the classes we had stars awarded for mathematic excellence in learning challenges, some great story writing and for overall hard work and positive attitudes to learning.

Well done to all of our stars this week!



Stars of the Week!

After a fantastic start last week we continued with the great work this week and had another set of marvelous stars! This week’s awards were for a whole host of different achievements: we were wowed with literacy and numeracy work, we had star football performances and had some imaginative poetry. We hope that we continue to be impressed with more outstanding work from all of our pupils.

Well done to our stars this week!

Stars 15.9.17




Stars of the Week!

This week, our stars were awarded for print-making, being kind ot others, some fantastic literacy work and volcano artwork!

Congratulations to all our stars of the week!




Stars of the Week!

This week certificates were awarded to 2 whole classes! Reception collected a certificate for their excellent behaviour and sensible walking during their trip to Pizza Express in Headingly, while Year 2 were awarded Star of the Week for their fantastic behaviour and listening skills during their recent trip to Cannon Hall open farm. A certificate was also awarded to this week’s football player of the week, and other stars received their certificates for consistent hard work, asking questions, being kind to others and for some crafty homework!

Well done to all our stars of the week!



Today we welcomed Andy Seed, author of children’s books including the ‘Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff’, filled with fun facts and jokes to tell, and ‘Prankenstein’, a mystery novel.

Andy told us some knock-knock jokes from his book, as well as some funny scientific names of animals (who knew a Magpie’s scientific name was ‘Pica Pica’?!), we tried a terrific tongue twister (Irish wristwatch) and we guessed how many Year 6 pupils it would take to balance on a see-saw with a gorilla, a crocodile and a blue whale! Lucky participants who got the correct answers were given a pencil with a moustache on the end and some were given a bookmark. Andy also told us about receiving his Blue Peter award for Best Book with Facts in 2015 and answered questions from our own budding authors about publishers and which writers inspired him.

Check out Andy’s website here:













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Stars of the Week!


Well done to all our stars of the week who received certificates for excellent SATs results and perseverance in Year 6, hard work, excellent writing and letter sounds and blending in Reception! This week we’ve also handed out certificates for Lexia and working hard in trumpet classes!