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Stars of the Week!

First on the agenda this week was prizes for the Summer Fair poster, with Libby and Penny in first place and Harry of Reception in a close second, with some fantastic entries it was hard to choose the winner but these posters really stood out!

Swimming was a theme for our Good Work assembly this week with extra-curricular badges and certificates for some children whilst some brave Y4s had taken the plunge to swim 25 m (a whole length!) and were duly rewarded for their brave efforts.

Across the school certificates were awarded for some detailed, descriptive writing with The Hobbit in Y5, in Y2 the whole class were stars after their seaside trip to Filey this week; we had some shotput experts in Y6, kind words and behavior towards friends in Year 1 and Reception, which is lovely to hear, and in Y3 certificates were awarded for astounding vocabulary shown in writing and some impressive independent working for our Year 3.

Well done to all of our stars!



Stars of the Week!

We started with a fantastic sporting achievement this week from the Y4, 5 and 6 girls who took part in St. Bart’s Cup on Thursday 21st June. They did very well and managed to win two games despite never having played together as a team, so a big well done to them.

Back in school, Reception’s stars had completed yet more brilliant writing on the Titanic showing some in-depth historical knowledge and even created a World Cup sweepstake, Y1 had a whole class of stars for putting on their marvellous assembly this week, whilst Year 2 had done some brilliant work on their Seaside topic and one star had a certificate for bouldering too. Year 3’s stars were awarded for their creative work and writing following their drama day this week; Year 4 produced some spectacular models for their Vikings homework, whilst Year 5’s stars were awarded for being responsible learners! Last, but not least, Year 6 had a team of stars for their film trailer production work.

Well done to all of our stars this week!



Stars of the Week

The Reception stars this week were awarded for their absolutely brilliant writing and hard working attitudes as they continue to develop so well! Year 4s were awarded their certificates for some very creative homework projects in their Wild at Heart topic and they had a football certificate to show too. Year 6 showed further improvement in their arithmetic tests and good attitudes to learning which is very positive to hear in the run up to their tests. Whilst Year 1s had done more impressive Literacy in their work with poems.

Well done to all of our stars this week!





As part of our topic Into the Freezer we looked closely at Antarctica and what it is like there. We also compared it to the Arctic. We made pictures with moving parts set in the Arctic or Antarctica.

SAM_1492 SAM_1503 SAM_1506 SAM_1508 SAM_1511 SAM_1514 SAM_1521 SAM_1523


As part of our World Book Day celebrations, pupils were challenged to dress a potato as their favourite book character. After a quick rescheduling due to the snow, the wonderful works were put out on display on Monday 5th March, to be seen by parents, pupils, staff and of course the chief competition judge, Mrs Ryan. As you can see from the marvellous pictures below, the calibre of carbohydrate creations was extremely high with many of our favourite characters, including Harry Potter, The Gruffalo and various Mr Men, depicted in potato form.

With results for each class to be announced by Mr Brawley in assembly today (Tuesday 6th), we are eagerly waiting to find out who was judged to have come up with the best potato creation out of all these outstanding entries.

IMG_2748 IMG_2747 IMG_2746 IMG_2745 IMG_2744 IMG_2743 IMG_2742 IMG_2741 IMG_2740 IMG_2739 IMG_2738 IMG_2737 IMG_2736 IMG_2735 IMG_2734 IMG_2733 IMG_2732 IMG_2731 IMG_2730 IMG_2729 IMG_2728 IMG_2727 IMG_2726 IMG_2725 IMG_2724 IMG_2723 IMG_2722 IMG_2721 IMG_2720 IMG_2719 IMG_2718 IMG_2717 IMG_2716 IMG_2715 IMG_2714 IMG_2713 IMG_2712 IMG_2711 IMG_2710 IMG_2709 IMG_2708 IMG_2707


Spring HT2 2018 Newsletter (1)


Thursday 1st March

Due to the severe weather school will be closed today.


Stars of the Week!

We kicked off this week’s Good Work Assembly with another round of Lexia certificates, so we must say a big well done to all those working hard to progress through the Lexia levels!

Some of the highlights included: Reception, who showed off their writing and numeracy skills with some instruction writing and numbers from 1 to 10. Year 4 displayed their creative collages from their Brazil topic artwork. Year 3 had done some excellent newspaper report writing whilst their was more great work to see across the rest of the school, as ever.


Well done to all of our stars this week for making a flying start to the new half-term! IMG_20180223_093120[1]


Stars of the Week!

We had a huge bunch of stars for this week, the last week of half-term! We kicked off the assembly with more Lexia certificates and with some swimming badges for Year 4 too.

Mrs. Ryan awarded her stars in Reception this week for some brilliant writing skills, we saw more examples of beautiful writing skills in Year 1 too, as well as some impressive rugby skills in P.E. – just in time for Six Nations! Year 2 had some creative painting which they put on show; Year 3’s stars had a great week all round as they were awarded for some Maths and Art work, whilst Year 4’s stars showed off some of their topic work, specifically their climate graphs and poster on Brazil which had taken a lot of effort and teamwork.

Year 5 saw their whole class rewarded for outstanding work on their recent trip to Cartwright Hall and Year 6 showed off their carnival costume creations to end a fantastic assembly.

Well done to all our stars this week, enjoy your well deserved break!



Year 5 have been working hard on their writing and, more specifically, their poetry this year. Recently they have been visited by local poet James Nash who has been kind enough to come in to share some of his poems and his ideas to help the class with their own writing as part of Headingley Literature Festival.

The class were focussing on ‘The Listeners’, a poem by Walter de la Mare, and used this along with James’ help to create some thrilling poems. They were then able to share them with all the other classes and staff in a whole-school assembly in which they performed their poetry pieces.

It’s been a very enjoyable scheme of work for the class which has produced some excellent pieces of work. Well done Year 5!