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The finale to our Health and Sports Week was the dance competition, where some of Spring Bank’s best choreographers and dancers came together to show off their skills! There was epic break-dancing, beautiful dancer movements, inspiring song choices and fancy footwork from both solo artists and dance troupes. Before and after the competitors had taken centre stage, our own dance club gave 2 amazing performances. After the judging panel had deliberated and the expert Year 6 mathematicians had calibrated and checked the scores, there was a tie for both first and second places! Isaiah from Year 5 stormed us with a solo routine to Bruno Mars’ ’24KT Magic’ and Xahon from Year 6 wowed us with a break-dance routine to a CD mix, earning them both first place. Meanwhile, Zak from Year 4 surprised us with a fabulous solo routine to Walk the Moon’s ‘Shut Up and Dance’, whilst Reian and Meera from Year 6 pulled out all the stops with their duet earning all three of them second place.

Congratulations to all our dancers, thank you to Mr Wrankmore, who organised the competition, DJ Mr Thomas and all parents who attended and clapped along!

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Key Stage 2 had an active morning on their sports day during Health and Sports Week! They aced a series of stations, such as javelin, shot-put, beanbag throwing, hurdles and standing long jump, recording their points on their personal score-card. Afterwards, many medals were awarded for javelin and shot-put and final races, including the over and under, egg and spoon and relay. Thank you to the all parents who, after Mrs Baruah’s inspiring egg and spoon victory for the third year running, competed too!

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Key Stage 1 enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of sporting activities, helped by Year 4 at varying stations, which included hurdles, beanbag throwing, javelin and basketball shooting. Everyone’s medals were filled up with stickers by the end! The final events and races such as the egg and spoon, over and under, relay, javelin and shot-put were greeted with lots of loud cheers, as were the parents’ and teachers’ egg and spoon races! Thanks to our sporting parents who took up spoons and raced and congratulations to Mrs Ward on her egg and spoon victory!

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Next week, 10th of July to the 14th July, is Health and Sports Week! Please remember P.E kits and water bottles all week, as there will be a host of sporty activities happening throughout the week, including a dance competition on Friday and KS1 and KS2 sports day on Thursday, both of which parents are welcome to attend!

Health & Sports Week Timetable 2017


Last week, Spring Bank’s football team, comprised of Year 6 girls and boys, stormed the Headingley cup football tournament and took home the cup after remaining undefeated in all five of their games. The team played exceptionally well and worked hard together to win the tournament! Congratulations!

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Girls from Year 4 and Year 6  participated in the annual St Bart’s Cup competing against other schools in the football tournament, and had an enjoyable day out in the sunshine!



As part of our weekly SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) assembly, our dance club performed for the whole school! The theme of our assembly was about the 3 ‘P’s: perseverance, being positive and having patience in order to reach a goal or learn something new. Our dance club have done just that, practising their routines every Tuesday after school and being patient and positive until they had learnt all the steps.

Congratulations to all our performers and their dance teacher for their fabulous show!