Spring Bank Primary School

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As part of our weekly SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) assembly, our dance club performed for the whole school! The theme of our assembly was about the 3 ‘P’s: perseverance, being positive and having patience in order to reach a goal or learn something new. Our dance club have done just that, practising their routines every Tuesday after school and being patient and positive until they had learnt all the steps.

Congratulations to all our performers and their dance teacher for their fabulous show!



Our Christmas choir have done some fantastic singing over the last two weeks! We had 2 really successful sessions carol singing in Sainsbury’s raising money for Shelter. We also had a really enjoyable sing at HEART for a community Christmas lunch. Well done children! (and parents for helping)

UPDATE – We raised £116.84 in Sainsbury’s for Shelter. (The school also raised an additional £74.66 from collections after the Christmas concerts.)

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