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Y4 were have been lucky enough to be treated to an all-day Samba workshop today! They have been learning all about Brazil in their topic work and were able to gain a first hand insight into Brazilian culture and music to help their learning.

Samba enthusiasts Jez and Amir kindly came in to lead the workshop, teaching Y4 all about the different types of instruments used in traditional Brazilian Samba before teaching us how to play all the different instruments. Y4 had fantastic fun and learned alot, they were even able to show off their Samba skills to the rest of the school in their Samba performance at the end of the day which was extremely entertaining (and extremely loud!).

Well done Y4!!

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Over the past few weeks Year 4 have been undertaking the some exciting science work; investigating the different states of matter. Year 4 have been conducting various experiments analysing the different states of matter, observing how states of matter can change and assessing the states of matter of different materials.

Fizzy Drink Experiment

This experiment saw the students investigating the differences in weight between drinks when fizzy and drinks when flat, with the students concluding which fizzy drink was the fizziest.

Chocolate Melting Experiment

This investigation involved melting chocolate using different temperatures of water to find out the optimum temperature for melting the chocolate the fastest. This was a particularly interesting experiment as the Year 4’s used their results to melt some chocolate for their own Rice Krispie Cakes! Mr. Wrankmore and Mr. Tooley were quickly shunned from any taste testing!

Evaporation Challenge

Another exciting experiment involved the children dissolving salt and sugar into water and placing the resulting mixture into different shaped containers before placing them in various points around the room to assess the speed and extent of evaporation.

Other experiments were observed by the class allowing them to see more of the processes and states of matter that they had learned about, they will now take this knowledge forward to learn more about the Water Cycle in their next Science topic.

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Over the last weeks many students across the school have been working hard to design a Christmas card to enter into this year’s competition. We had plenty of brilliant Christmassy designs and could see some fantastic creativity on show! The difficult job of judging all of the entries fell to our capable school councillors who really struggled to pick out any clear winners from the array of beautiful designs they had to choose from … but after a lot of deliberation they managed to whittle it down to seven worthy winners!

The winners of our Christmas card competition this year were:

Reception: Harry

Year 1: Libby

Year 2: Billy

Year 3: Harriet

Year 4: Lauren L.

Year 5: Sylvie

Year 6: Kitty

A huge well done to all of our winners, the Christmas cards will be for sale in school over the next two weeks!



Over the last term the school’s dance club, led by the experienced Becka Ward, have been working hard to perfect two different routines. The dancers were able to perform their routines for the whole school in assembly and did not disappoint! They had both a street style and a cheer style dance to show and they put on a fantastic performance for us all to see. it was amazing to see the dancers enjoying their live performance after all their work!

Well done to all the dancers for their great work and for having the confidence to get up and perform in front of the whole school and a big thank you for Becka for all her hard work!


Coaches from the Foot-Tech Academy have been kind enough to come into school to run a football club for our Year 1s and 2s. We’ve had plenty of boys and girls from both classes joining the club and they have been thoroughly enjoying themselves. They’ve been learning plenty of new skills and tricks, playing all kinds of different football games – including one game where they put on their eye-patches and become footballing pirates!

Hopefully the Year 1s and 2s continue to enjoy their football club and learn lots of new skills too!





Our Year 6 football team took part in the EFL ‘Road to Wembley’ Kids Cup organised by Leeds United. In wintry conditions they played against two other schools, coming away with one victory out of four matches. The team represented our school brilliantly and, despite the icy wind and rain, enjoyed themselves thoroughly.




Saturday 4th November saw the first cross-country meet of the year, attended by a whole group of enthusiastic athletes from Spring Bank. The event took place at Middleton Park with an early start for many of our runners. We had participting runners from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6, all of whom did fantastically well and tried their best, really impressing the spectating Mr. Wrankmore and Mr. Thomas. A special mention must be given to Year 4’s Emma Johnson, who managed to come in 9th place, an astounding achievement!

U9 Girls: Ana Clara Chaves, Hannah Leonard, Emma Johnson, Lauren Gardener

U9 Boys: Indie Edmundson, Charlie Nicholls, Xavi Garman, Danyaal Ahmed

U11 Girls: Maisie Ayeni-Knight, Lauren Nicholls

U11 Boys: Seb Fairbourn, Lenny Tait, Jamie Gardener & Ehsaan Altaf

Well done to all those who took part and we hope to see even more success from our cross-country runners in future competitions!




As part of our weekly SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) assembly, our dance club performed for the whole school! The theme of our assembly was about the 3 ‘P’s: perseverance, being positive and having patience in order to reach a goal or learn something new. Our dance club have done just that, practising their routines every Tuesday after school and being patient and positive until they had learnt all the steps.

Congratulations to all our performers and their dance teacher for their fabulous show!



Our Christmas choir have done some fantastic singing over the last two weeks! We had 2 really successful sessions carol singing in Sainsbury’s raising money for Shelter. We also had a really enjoyable sing at HEART for a community Christmas lunch. Well done children! (and parents for helping)

UPDATE – We raised £116.84 in Sainsbury’s for Shelter. (The school also raised an additional £74.66 from collections after the Christmas concerts.)

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