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Year Six have been learning to play the steel pans, xylophone and percussion in their music lessons. Here are pictures of the class mastering ‘Uptown Funk’ in their last lesson.


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In the week before the Christmas holidays, Year Six Science lessons took on a festive feel as students were challenged to create an electrical Christmas decoration. Everyone worked incredibly hard and enjoyed researching, designing, making and eventually pitching their creations to the class.

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Year 5 and Year 6 were treated to an incredible performance of Shakespeare’s classic comedy Twelfth Night when the Young Shakespeare Company turned the school hall into our very own Globe Theatre for the afternoon. Pupils from both classes were given the opportunity to portray some of the main characters and immerse themselves in all of the events of the play. All pupils and staff thought the performance was amazing and hilarious in equal measure and we look forward to next time. img_0668

img_0672 img_0673 img_0749 img_0763 img_0800 img_0807 img_0843 img_0869



On Friday 23rd September Year 6 pupils and staff enjoyed an amazing trip to the Castle Museum in York. Pupils were treated to a workshop on the Swinging Sixties, a whistle-stop tour through the streets of Victorian Britain, a visit to the cell of the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin and much more!


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Have a look at our latest newsletter and long term plan for the year!




Our first homework for this term is researching information to help with writing a biography.

The children will decide for themselves who they would like to write about and then think about what information they will need to write an interesting and detailed biography on this person. The person they choose does not need to be famous – it could be you!

Homework club will be on every lunch time if children need assistance or access to the internet.

The class has also been allocated Abacus homework.

Trip to the Castle Museum in York

The letters for the trip will be going out before the end of the week.We may need one extra helper – it’s a lovely day out!