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Our end of year play will be at 9:15am on Tuesday 25th July.

We will be having refreshments in the classroom afterwards.


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This week Year 6 have been outside building shelters – and boy have they needed them!IMG_0010 IMG_0022 IMG_0028 IMG_0048 IMG_0066 IMG_0090 IMG_0104 IMG_0029 IMG_0051 IMG_0121 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_0156 IMG_0170 IMG_0184 IMG_0189


Girls from Year 4 and Year 6  participated in the annual St Bart’s Cup competing against other schools in the football tournament, and had an enjoyable day out in the sunshine!


Hello from Ingleborough.

Hello from Ingleborough.

Hi everyone!

We arrived safely and in record time – no traffic or road works! We then had a leisurely stroll up to Ingleborough Cave to have a picnic lunch and our first exploration underground.

Lots of happy faces out playing on the lawn now.

Will check in again when we can!



Before the Easter holidays, Spanish club had a very busy and exciting week! We had a Spanish lunch together, where we ate ‘garbanzos con espinacas’ (chickpea and spinach stew) with ‘pan’ (bread), ‘aceitunas’ (olives) and a cup of hot chocolate for dessert. Everyone tried something new and enjoyed the taste of Spain!

Later that week we also performed our poem in assembly after 3 weeks of practice, saying the verses in Spanish. ‘El Sapo Verde’ (The Green Toad) is about a prince who wants to stay a toad and live in a pond, and the group made illustrations to go with their verses.




Here is a link to the White Rose Maths Hub ‘Problem of the day’. These are very useful practice for reasoning questions.

Problem of the day for KS1 and KS2


Have a look at this!

Very useful indeed.