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Year 4 and 5 wowed the school and parents with an amazing concert showing off all they have learnt this year! Both year groups took to the stage to perform songs, including ‘Walking on Sunshine’ together; songs included ‘Roar’, ‘Barbra-Ann’, ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Bare Necessities’. All the students did a great job of singing and playing their ukuleles in time!

Ukulele 2


As part of the topic on rivers, Year 5 went to visit Malham to discover the source of the river Aire and learn about its upper course. Unfortunately the weather was very unseasonal to say the least with cold, blustery weather. Nevertheless a good time was had by all with lots of learning taking place!

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Year 5 Summer 2


Year 5 performed brilliantly in their class assembly on Ancient Egypt today. Full of fascinating facts and wonderful acting and singing. They did a great job!

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The children worked really hard on their ancient Egypt homework showing lots of creativity. We had lots of models of Pyramids, books of facts, a film taken at Leeds Museum and a game using Minecraft. Well done everyone!

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Year 5 took part in an Egyptology Day at Harrogate Pump Rooms. They had the opportunity to handle artefacts, one of which was 6000 years old! They also learn about mummification and had the chance to visit some of the artefacts in the museum. One of the best parts of the day was eating lunch in Valley Gardens in the lovely Spring sunshine!

P1050319 P1050303 P1050304 P1050312 P1050314P1050309


The Blah, Blah, Blah theatre company brought their fabulous show, ‘A Tale to Tell’ to Year 5 this morning. The children were delighted with the performance especially the shadow theatre scenes. They also had the opportunity to use their imaginations and create their own tale of Sinbad and perform it to the rest of the class.



Before the Easter holidays, Spanish club had a very busy and exciting week! We had a Spanish lunch together, where we ate ‘garbanzos con espinacas’ (chickpea and spinach stew) with ‘pan’ (bread), ‘aceitunas’ (olives) and a cup of hot chocolate for dessert. Everyone tried something new and enjoyed the taste of Spain!

Later that week we also performed our poem in assembly after 3 weeks of practice, saying the verses in Spanish. ‘El Sapo Verde’ (The Green Toad) is about a prince who wants to stay a toad and live in a pond, and the group made illustrations to go with their verses.




Year 5 Summer 1


Year 5 have created some beautiful applique designs.

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