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Summer HT1 2017 Newsletter


On the last week of term before Easter we were thrilled to welcome lots of exciting and artistic animals into our classroom, including giant otters, tigers, polar bears, giraffes and many more! Some were edible, some were sewn and glued with fabric, some were beautifully illustrated, while others were shown in their natural habitat, there was even a song and game made about wallabies! The standard of their work was fantastic and the whole class was awarded Star of the Week for their efforts!

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Our visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week was educational and fun, even in strong winds and grey skies! We made our way round the entire park, so everyone in the class could see the animal they have chosen for their art homework and ICT presentation. We saw leopards and tigers lounging, a baby wallaby peeping out of its mother’s pouch, giant otters swimming and some elegant giraffes among other animals.

Thank-you to the parents who assisted with our trip!



Craft Club, run by Juliet every Monday after school, has shown itself to be full of budding Year 4 designers and sewers this week! The group showed us their drawstring bags they’ve been working hard on, sewing all the buttons and decorations on themselves, as well as designing the bags!

Their current project this half term is knitting.



Spring HT2 2017 Newsletter


We had a fantastic array of character costumes on Friday in Year 4! Several Hogwarts students were in attendance, as well as Katniss Everdeen, the BFG, Elsa, a Dalmatian, the Cat in the Hat and many more!

Thank you for everyone’s organisation and effort with our class’ costumes!


y4 world book day pic


For the last day of our half term and the end of our Viva Brazil topic, we spent the day making a variety of Brazilian food, with the help of a visitor who has lived in the country, Miss Milburn (who showed us some safe cutting skills) and our class governor!

We moulded dough and grated cheese for ‘pão de queijo’ or Brazilian cheese bread, we cut up hearts of palm and spring onions, shallots and tomatoes and made a dressing for a Brazilian hearts of palm salad and finally we cut up fruit including papaya, mango and banana to make fruit skewers. For a final treat, our visitor, Laura, made ‘brigadeiros’, Brazilian chocolate truffles, for us to try. We all had a fantastic day working together and eating the fruits of our labour.

P1040680 P1040648 P1040686 P1040650


Over the last few weeks, Reception up to Year 4 have been participating in the Move a Mile challenge! The challenge is to complete a full mile by running laps around the school, which our students have done so far with lots of energy and enthusiasm!

P1040594P1040591 P1040613 P1040621


Spring HT1 2017 Newsletter

As part of our new ‘Viva Brazil!’ topic we recently used maps and globes to find out geographical information about South America and Brazil.

IMG_0564 IMG_0566


Last Friday, as part of our new topic ‘Lighting It Up!’, we made circuits using batteries, wires and light bulbs. Later, we made our own switches using card  tin foil, paper clips and split pins to make the light bulb turn on and off.

img_1738 img_1749 img_1765 img_1760