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On Friday 6th June, Year 4 headed over to York to the Danelaw Centre for Living History within the Yorkshire Farming Museum. The day started with everyone getting into their Viking clothing of cloth tunics, with hats for the boys and head dresses for the girls (Mr. Wrankmore and Mr. Tooley did not escape the dressing up!).

After that a brief visit to a Viking longhouse with the fire burning and then on to complete some Viking work. There was pottery to be made, board games to produce, Viking objects to be sorted and importantly, battle tactics and war cry’s to be learnt!

It was a very interesting and enjoyable day for everyone and extremely helpful in their learning about the Vikings I am sure. Take a look at some of the activities Y4 completed on the day:

IMG_20180608_123234[1] IMG_20180608_131122[1] IMG_20180608_105610[1] IMG_20180608_140503[1] IMG_20180608_111631[1]IMG_20180608_114132[1]IMG_20180608_121613[1]



During the last week of term Year 4 undertook their DT project: Moving Toys. Their brief was to create a functioning toy, utilising cam mechanisms (which I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you more about), with a creative theme and a professional look.

Despite some issues with resources (the actual boxes for the toys were not delivered until halfway through the construction process) the whole class did some fantastic work in their design phase and in their practical work to produce some brilliant Moving Toys that not only functioned well but looked great too!

Take a look at some of their work:

IMG_20180524_111625[1] IMG_20180524_092616[1] IMG_20180523_114240[1]IMG_20180525_144441[1] IMG_20180525_141254[1] IMG_20180525_145237[1]



Recently Y4 took advantage of the beautiful weather and got outside to complete some field work for their ‘Wild at Heart’ topic. Everyone completed a map of the school before going out do an environmental survey assessing the effects we humans have on the environment and how these changes can affect the living things in their natural habitats.

Afterwards the class though up ways that they could help. It was a lovely afternoon and great to do some interactive work in the great outdoors!

IMG_20180420_135458[1] IMG_20180420_135614[1] IMG_20180420_140103[1] IMG_20180420_140644[1] IMG_20180420_135930[1]


Summer HT1 2018 Newsletter


Spring HT2 2018 Newsletter (1)


Y4 were have been lucky enough to be treated to an all-day Samba workshop today! They have been learning all about Brazil in their topic work and were able to gain a first hand insight into Brazilian culture and music to help their learning.

Samba enthusiasts Jez and Amir kindly came in to lead the workshop, teaching Y4 all about the different types of instruments used in traditional Brazilian Samba before teaching us how to play all the different instruments. Y4 had fantastic fun and learned alot, they were even able to show off their Samba skills to the rest of the school in their Samba performance at the end of the day which was extremely entertaining (and extremely loud!).

Well done Y4!!

IMG_20180202_150527[1] IMG_20180202_150038[1] IMG_20180202_111432[1] IMG_20180202_112739[1] IMG_20180202_101158[1] IMG_20180202_103642[1] IMG_20180202_103206[1]


Over the past few weeks Year 4 have been undertaking the some exciting science work; investigating the different states of matter. Year 4 have been conducting various experiments analysing the different states of matter, observing how states of matter can change and assessing the states of matter of different materials.

Fizzy Drink Experiment

This experiment saw the students investigating the differences in weight between drinks when fizzy and drinks when flat, with the students concluding which fizzy drink was the fizziest.

Chocolate Melting Experiment

This investigation involved melting chocolate using different temperatures of water to find out the optimum temperature for melting the chocolate the fastest. This was a particularly interesting experiment as the Year 4’s used their results to melt some chocolate for their own Rice Krispie Cakes! Mr. Wrankmore and Mr. Tooley were quickly shunned from any taste testing!

Evaporation Challenge

Another exciting experiment involved the children dissolving salt and sugar into water and placing the resulting mixture into different shaped containers before placing them in various points around the room to assess the speed and extent of evaporation.

Other experiments were observed by the class allowing them to see more of the processes and states of matter that they had learned about, they will now take this knowledge forward to learn more about the Water Cycle in their next Science topic.

IMG_1419 IMG_1420 IMG_1426 IMG_1428 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1432





Our Year 4 football team played against Woodlesford Primary in the first round of the U9’s Moran Cup. The team played well against a well organised Woodlesford team but unfortunately lost. This did not stop the team from trying to get a goal right up until the final whistle. They represented the school excellently and, most importantly, enjoyed playing their first match for Spring Bank!






Year 4 were lucky enough to enjoy a whole day of the ‘Science of Sound’ workshop allowing them to get hands on with their science topic and learn some new and interesting things in a really fun way. Sam Paechter, an extremely knowledgable and enthusiastic sound specialist, came in equipped with all sorts of gear to help Year 4 learn all about sound, including how it is made, what materials sound can travel through and how an echo works amongst many other interesting bits of information. After gaining all this knowledge the class were able to build some instruments of their own and then make some sounds of their own, an opportunity which they jumped at!!


IMG_5869 IMG_5872 IMG_5877 IMG_5882 IMG_5884 IMG_5890 IMG_5889 IMG_5894 IMG_5895 IMG_5901 IMG_5903 IMG_5905 IMG_5907 IMG_5912 IMG_5918 IMG_5924 IMG_5926 IMG_5927 IMG_5928 IMG_5949 IMG_5952 IMG_5956 IMG_5960


7th September 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Year 4. I hope you had a nice summer and enjoyed the sunshine when it appeared! This half term our topic is ‘Groovy Greeks’ which is a study of Ancient Greece. In literacy we will start with poetry with a focus on creating imagery. After that we will focus on writing recounts and a mythical story. In mathematics we will be working on place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, properties of shape and measurement.

In science we will be looking at sound and will have a workshop with Sam Paechter to during the topic. Art will be linked with the topic work and the children will make their own Greek theatre masks. In computing the children will cover e-safety, revise skills with different programs and program using Scratch software.

I will teach the class for the majority of the week apart from Thursday afternoons where Jessica Freitas will be leading the ukulele lesson for the first lesson. The second lesson will be RE and the class will be taught by Mrs Baruah. You will also notice a new face in Year 4, he is a Graduate Learning Assistant and his name is Mr Tooley.

I have attached a timetable but important dates are as following. On Tuesday afternoons the class will go for swimming lessons at Kirkstall Leisure Centre. For this they will need a swimming costume or trunks/shorts (shorts must not go over the knees and football shorts are not allowed), a towel and goggles if needed. No money, shower gel or shampoo is to be brought. Hairbrushes are permitted and moisturiser is allowed if it is medically necessary.

Our other PE lesson is last thing on a Friday afternoon so please ensure your child has their PE kit which must be a white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and a separate pair of trainers suitable for sport. Please note baseball trainers and pumps are no longer allowed. I would also advise providing a sweater or tracksuit top as the weather gets colder.

Guided Reading is every Monday morning and homework will be set each week. The task must be completed for the next lesson and if time is not available at home then the children can attend Homework Club which is held in the Computing Suite. It would be greatly appreciated if you can help or remind your child to ensure they have completed the task. Spellings and times tables will also be given on a Monday to be tested on a Friday morning.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me at school.


Mr Wrankmore