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Girls from Year 4 and Year 6  participated in the annual St Bart’s Cup competing against other schools in the football tournament, and had an enjoyable day out in the sunshine!



Our classroom today was filled with homemade Viking marvels! The whole class did an excellent job and had obviously worked hard and researched thoroughly, and we had a great, and informative, afternoon sharing our work. There were enough longboats to have our own fleet, and we were equipped with several shields too! For those of us Year 4 Vikings not going off to battle, there were items created relating to daily life, including a honey and nettle cake, milk and a woven shoe.

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During the last week of our previous half term, Year 4 spent most of the week designing and making their own moving toys! Using cams and wooden axles and followers, which they sawed themselves, they built a mechanism. They designed their own moving figure atop a box and decorated both the box and a backdrop; there were giraffes, dogs, rainbows, planets and a Viking longboat! Everyone worked hard to make their designs a reality and finish their evaluations.

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On the last day of the previous half term, Year 4 went back in time to spend the day living like Vikings in Danelaw, on the outskirts of Jorvik (modern day York)! We made Viking games with stone counters, sculpted clay tea-light holders, learnt how to be fierce  Viking warriors to defend our village and catalogued items in a Viking home. Like our guide, we all wore tunics and hats and sat in a fire-lit longhouse, where our guide showed us how Vikings boiled water in 2 minutes using hot stones from the fire. It was a fantastic trip, especially in the sun! Also, many thanks to our parent helpers who came along for the day!

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Summer HT1 2017 Newsletter


On the last week of term before Easter we were thrilled to welcome lots of exciting and artistic animals into our classroom, including giant otters, tigers, polar bears, giraffes and many more! Some were edible, some were sewn and glued with fabric, some were beautifully illustrated, while others were shown in their natural habitat, there was even a song and game made about wallabies! The standard of their work was fantastic and the whole class was awarded Star of the Week for their efforts!

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Our visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week was educational and fun, even in strong winds and grey skies! We made our way round the entire park, so everyone in the class could see the animal they have chosen for their art homework and ICT presentation. We saw leopards and tigers lounging, a baby wallaby peeping out of its mother’s pouch, giant otters swimming and some elegant giraffes among other animals.

Thank-you to the parents who assisted with our trip!



Craft Club, run by Juliet every Monday after school, has shown itself to be full of budding Year 4 designers and sewers this week! The group showed us their drawstring bags they’ve been working hard on, sewing all the buttons and decorations on themselves, as well as designing the bags!

Their current project this half term is knitting.



Spring HT2 2017 Newsletter


We had a fantastic array of character costumes on Friday in Year 4! Several Hogwarts students were in attendance, as well as Katniss Everdeen, the BFG, Elsa, a Dalmatian, the Cat in the Hat and many more!

Thank you for everyone’s organisation and effort with our class’ costumes!


y4 world book day pic