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Year 4 have a very successful group of entrepreneurs and charity workers in the making after their success at raising money for the WWF! The students organised a bake and jumble sale with cakes, books, beads and toys for sale and managed to raise a colossal £95 pounds for their charity of choice, the WWF to help endangered animals, inspired by their Wild at Heart topics earlier this year!



Congratulations to Anas, our Spring Bank 2016/17 Chess Champion!



Year 4 had enjoyed their R.E. trip to the Gurdwara in Chapeltown (the first purpose built Gurdwara in Leeds!). We learnt about the layout of the building and visited the second prayer room, and the main prayer room where we were able to listen to the reading and see people worshiping. While we were there, we got to taste some of the sweet pudding they offer too. The class asked lots of fantastic questions and we left with lots of answers about Sikh history shown in the many paintings in the Gurdwara, the 5 ‘K’s and how Sikhs worship. As a wonderful end to our visit we ate at the Langar, the Sikhs’ community kitchen in the Gurdwara, where we were made to feel very welcome!



Year 4 and 5 wowed the school and parents with an amazing concert showing off all they have learnt this year! Both year groups took to the stage to perform songs, including ‘Walking on Sunshine’ together; songs included ‘Roar’, ‘Barbra-Ann’, ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Bare Necessities’. All the students did a great job of singing and playing their ukuleles in time!

Ukulele 2


Year 4 enjoyed their last allotment trip of the year today, after nurturing fruit and vegetables and learning valuable gardening skills over the last few months. We ate our bumper crop, which included garlic (garlic flatbreads and garlic bread), courgettes (courgette and lemon cake), potatoes (the best potato salad ever, we agreed) and rhubarb (rhubarb cordial), amidst the plants. We had a lovely afternoon in the warm, checking up on the strawberries’ and pumpkins’ progress, after a brain-tickling quiz about plants by Kitty in Year 5 (Where did tomatoes originate from? Can you name three edible flowers?).

Thank you to our allotment experts Cathy and Tracey, and Elena for taking us each week, rain or shine!

P1060350 P1060344 P1060331 P1060319 P1060320 P1060321 P1060322 P1060323 P1060334helping make the picnic so enjoyable!


During Health and Sports Week, Year 4 were required to help during the Key Stage 1 sports day; they had to demonstrate the activity at their station, organise the pupils taking part and award stickers. Year 4 did a fantastic job of not only supervising, but encouraging and helping the younger competitors, and proved to be great sporting role models.

Thank you Year 4!

P1060154 P1060173 P1060172 P1060161



Summer HT2 2017 Newsletter 


Girls from Year 4 and Year 6 ¬†participated in the annual St Bart’s Cup competing against other schools in the football tournament, and had an enjoyable day out in the sunshine!



Our classroom today was filled with homemade Viking marvels! The whole class did an excellent job and had obviously worked hard and researched thoroughly, and we had a great, and informative, afternoon sharing our work. There were enough longboats to have our own fleet, and we were equipped with several shields too! For those of us Year 4 Vikings not going off to battle, there were items created relating to daily life, including a honey and nettle cake, milk and a woven shoe.

P1050524 P1050525 P1050526 P1050528 P1050529


During the last week of our previous half term, Year 4 spent most of the week designing and making their own moving toys! Using cams and wooden axles and followers, which they sawed themselves, they built a mechanism. They designed their own moving figure atop a box and decorated both the box and a backdrop; there were giraffes, dogs, rainbows, planets and a Viking longboat! Everyone worked hard to make their designs a reality and finish their evaluations.

P1050361 P1050372 P1050411P1050444