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Last week Year 2 went on a trip to Filey. We dug holes in the sand, built sandcastles and paddled in the sea. Everyone had a fantastic time and said “it was the best time ever!”.

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Year 2 had a fantastic day out at St Leonard’s Farm. Whilst we were there we saw lots of animals and also got to stroke some baby animals and feed some goats. Miss Houldsworth got to cuddle a 2 month old lamb whilst we stroked it. We also saw some lambs that were only 2 hours old. We had the best time ever playing in the hay barn

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Today we walked to see the Sir Leonard Hutton Gates at Headingley Cricket Ground to learn more about our local hero. IMG_20180122_095120 IMG_20180122_095125 IMG_20180122_095516 IMG_20180122_095936


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Year 2 went to visit St. Michael’s Church in Headingley to learn about how a christening is performed.

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Coaches from the Foot-Tech Academy have been kind enough to come into school to run a football club for our Year 1s and 2s. We’ve had plenty of boys and girls from both classes joining the club and they have been thoroughly enjoying themselves. They’ve been learning plenty of new skills and tricks, playing all kinds of different football games – including one game where they put on their eye-patches and become footballing pirates!

Hopefully the Year 1s and 2s continue to enjoy their football club and learn lots of new skills too!




Samuel Pepys came to our school to tell us all about the Great Fire of London. It was a fantastic show and we learnt lots!

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