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Wednesday 10th January 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope that you had a wonderful break. Here is some information you may find useful and an overview of the learning that will be taking place this half term.



PE is on Thursday and Friday.

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school (white t-shirt, dark shorts and trainers). It is also really helpful if these items are labelled with your child’s name! Please can children leave their kits and trainers in school at all times, as sometimes the timetable can change.


Reading Books

Please try to listen to your child read every day and sign or tick their reading record book, showing that it had been read.

Our class library day is Monday when children may select a book at lunchtime to take home from the library.



This half term our topic is ‘Into the Freezer’.


Science – we will be looking at the seasons. How the weather is different in each season and how the day length changes according to the time of year.


Geography – we will be using maps and globes to look at the world. We will focus on being able to name the 7 continents and the oceans and be able to show where they are. We will be focusing on the cold areas of the world and exploring what it is like to live in Antarctica. We will also be collecting weather data and comparing it with Antarctica.


Art / DT – towards the end of the topic the children will design a moving picture that uses cold colours.


PE – Thursday – dance linked to topic.

Friday – invasion games, learning rugby skills. How to catch and pass a ball and to     work as a team member.

Music – we will be looking at music linked to weather, the seasons and the Chinese New Year.


RE and Computing will be taught on a Wednesday by Mrs Birdi. They will be looking at how to use data on the computer in computing and ‘Why we care for people’ in RE.




Homework is set throughout the school half termly. They will have a few weeks to complete the project and can complete it in any way they like. Ways of presenting their work is:

  • Through writing
  • Photographs
  • Art work
  • Sculptures
  • Anything that inspires their creative side.
  • Can the children find out what is like to live in the coldest parts of the earth?


If you have any questions please come and ask us.


Yours Faithfully,


Caroline Mitchell

Mrs Bhogal


Last week Year 1 were busy making their own puppets. They all made a snowman.

Have a look at the final result!

SAM_1255 SAM_1257 SAM_1258 SAM_1259 SAM_1260 SAM_1262 SAM_1263 SAM_1264 SAM_1265 SAM_1266 SAM_1267 SAM_1268 SAM_1269 SAM_1271 SAM_1272 SAM_1273 SAM_1274 SAM_1276 SAM_1277 SAM_1278 SAM_1279 SAM_1280 SAM_1282 SAM_1283 SAM_1284 SAM_1285 SAM_1286 SAM_1287 SAM_1288 SAM_1289


Since the beginning of Year 1 we have been going out with Elena and Mr Tooley in small groups and using the outdoor areas to help us learn.

In the first half term we were focusing on the season of Autumn and using our senses. We went to find Autumn with our ‘lookers’.

We made self portraits using natural materials that we found.

IMG_0410 IMG_0414 IMG_0416 IMG_0417 P1060641 P1060656 P1060687 P1060692 P1060710 P1060721 P1060725 P1060726 P1060790 P1060792



This half term Year 1 have continued to go out with Elena and Mr Tooley to use the natural environment to explore games and make toys.

To finish off, they all made their own hobby horse toys using some natural materials that they had collected in the school grounds. In fact we had a range of animals including horses, reindeer, bulls, sabre tooth tigers, camels.

IMG_0463  IMG_0477 IMG_0541 IMG_0544 IMG_0559 IMG_0560 IMG_0567 IMG_0571 IMG_0573 IMG_0576 IMG_0582 IMG_0586 IMG_0587 IMG_2368 IMG_2371 P1060985 P1060989


Year 1 had a visit from Catherine. She brought in lots of toys that children used to play with in the past. We learnt that most toys were made from wood and metal and some toys were made from fabric.

We got to play with all the different toys including dominoes and pick up sticks. Here are a few photos to show what we looked at.


Jacob’s ladder


DSC03822 DSC03824 DSC03826 DSC03836




DSC03817 DSC03842 DSC03847DSC03819


Cup and Ball – this was tricky!


DSC03828 DSC03831 DSC03851 DSC03853


Packing Hens


SAM_0973 SAM_0975 SAM_0985 SAM_0987




SAM_0963 SAM_0964 SAM_0965 SAM_0966


Spinning Tops


SAM_0979 SAM_1000 SAM_1002 SAM_1040


Squeeze Toys

SAM_1008 SAM_1050 SAM_1061 SAM_1068


Coaches from the Foot-Tech Academy have been kind enough to come into school to run a football club for our Year 1s and 2s. We’ve had plenty of boys and girls from both classes joining the club and they have been thoroughly enjoying themselves. They’ve been learning plenty of new skills and tricks, playing all kinds of different football games – including one game where they put on their eye-patches and become footballing pirates!

Hopefully the Year 1s and 2s continue to enjoy their football club and learn lots of new skills too!




At the end of last half term we completed a DT project about fruit salads.

We researched by tasting different fruits and deciding wether we enjoyed them or not. We also tested these fruits to see if we could peel them, cut them or grate them.

Then we used this information to design our fruit salads.

We then made and ate our fruit salads. This was the fun part!

Finally we evaluated our work.


Look at us making our own fruit salads.

IMG_1121 IMG_1123 IMG_1149 IMG_1167 IMG_1168 IMG_1179 SAM_0733 SAM_0737 SAM_0762 SAM_0769 SAM_0786


Here are our finished fruit salads.

SAM_0800 SAM_0795 SAM_0793 SAM_0778 SAM_0779 SAM_0780 SAM_0781 SAM_0792 SAM_0777 SAM_0776 SAM_0775 SAM_0774 SAM_0772 SAM_0754 SAM_0755 SAM_0756 SAM_0757 SAM_0758 SAM_0749 SAM_0748 SAM_0747 SAM_0746


Last term we had the topic Doctor, Doctor! The children loved using the role play area.

SAM_0499 SAM_0502 SAM_0503 SAM_0504 SAM_0505 SAM_0588 SAM_0647


To end our topic last half term we had a visit from the Teddy Bear hospital. We all brought in our favourite teddy bear. We had lots of fun.

We looked inside a teddy bear’s (human) body.

Looked at x-rays.

Found out about healthy eating.

Found out about how to look after our teeth.

Basic first aid.

IMG_0832 IMG_0834 IMG_0836 IMG_0843 IMG_0847 IMG_0861 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1936 IMG_1942 IMG_1960 IMG_1970 IMG_1981


As part of our topic Doctor, Doctor we looked at how people are different from each other and that some people have visual and hearing impairments.

We had a visit from Joan who is visually impaired and she brought her dog Whisper with her. We learnt lots about how Guide Dogs help people who are visually impaired.


SAM_0590 SAM_0591 SAM_0593 SAM_0594 SAM_0596