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Hello from Ingleborough.

Hello from Ingleborough.

Hi everyone!

We arrived safely and in record time – no traffic or road works! We then had a leisurely stroll up to Ingleborough Cave to have a picnic lunch and our first exploration underground.

Lots of happy faces out playing on the lawn now.

Will check in again when we can!



The children worked really hard on their ancient Egypt homework showing lots of creativity. We had lots of models of Pyramids, books of facts, a film taken at Leeds Museum and a game using Minecraft. Well done everyone!

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Year 5 took part in an Egyptology Day at Harrogate Pump Rooms. They had the opportunity to handle artefacts, one of which was 6000 years old! They also learn about mummification and had the chance to visit some of the artefacts in the museum. One of the best parts of the day was eating lunch in Valley Gardens in the lovely Spring sunshine!

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We are now the proud foster parents of 15 chicks!

Thank you to the PTA and everyone who supported the fundraising in Reception. It is our last play and learn session on Monday 22nd May, please pop in to see the chicks before they make their way back to the farm.

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There has been lots of ‘cheeps’ in Reception this week, we are now the very proud and pleased foster parents of 15 chicks!

Thank you to all the parents and the PTA who helped make this possible. It is our last play and learn on Monday 22nd May, please come and see the chicks before they make their way back to the farm.

DSC04399 DSC04401 DSC04402 DSC04403 DSC04404 DSC04405


The Blah, Blah, Blah theatre company brought their fabulous show, ‘A Tale to Tell’ to Year 5 this morning. The children were delighted with the performance especially the shadow theatre scenes. They also had the opportunity to use their imaginations and create their own tale of Sinbad and perform it to the rest of the class.




We had a fantastic visit to Leeds City Museum to support our learning around¬†‘Invasion- How the Romans changed Britain!’

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An Explosion of Amazing Homework!IMG_1445IMG_1435IMG_1444IMG_1442IMG_1441IMG_1440.


Before the Easter holidays, Spanish club had a very busy and exciting week! We had a Spanish lunch together, where we ate ‘garbanzos con espinacas’ (chickpea and spinach stew) with ‘pan’ (bread), ‘aceitunas’ (olives) and a cup of hot chocolate for dessert. Everyone tried something new and enjoyed the taste of Spain!

Later that week we also performed our poem in assembly after 3 weeks of practice, saying the verses in Spanish. ‘El Sapo Verde’ (The Green Toad) is about a prince who wants to stay a toad and live in a pond, and the group made illustrations to go with their verses.




Reception moved 1 mile around school today, we talked about keeping our bodies healthy by keeping active and exercising. Well Done Reception!


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