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A big congratulations is in order for Spring Bank’s Year 6 class and their teachers at the end of this week, their SATs week. The class have had a very intense year working hard in preparation for the tests and have had a tough test week to cap it all off. Year 6 must be commended for the way they approached their tests, with a very calm and confident manner and hopefully the hard work will pay off when results come back to them.

To end the week they were treated to a well-deserved trip to Gelato for some celebratory ice cream and will be off to Ingleborough next week for a ‘break’!

Well done to everyone in Year 6 and good luck with your results!IMG_20180518_092751[1]


Last week Year 1 went on a Trip to Tropical World. In the morning we took part in a workshop. We found out how to identify mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. Then we ‘interviewed’ a tree by finding our how tall they were and how old they were using measurements. Next we went on a mini-beast hunt and we found lots of them! We also had our very own meerkat when one of us dressed up as one.

In the afternoon we went into Tropical World and saw lots of other animals. We liked the butterflies, crocodile and meerkats. We also got up VERY close to a bird who wasn’t scared by us! we also found Nemo and Dory!

SAM_2299 SAM_2295 SAM_2278 SAM_2274 SAM_2272 SAM_2263 IMG_20180426_124613 SAM_2256 SAM_2257 SAM_2262 IMG_20180426_111935 IMG_20180426_111618 IMG_20180426_111354 IMG_20180426_111330 IMG_20180426_110526 IMG_20180426_100103 IMG_20180426_101132 IMG_20180426_103432 IMG_20180426_103513 IMG_20180426_103616


Reception had a wonderful day at the farm on Friday, we started at the pond searching for pond life, we were very good at it! We found lots of creepy crawlies and then had a closer look at them using magnifying glasses and a microscope. After lunch we went on a tour of the farm, we were able to feed the llamas, donkeys, goats and sheep, the sheep let us stroke them too! We also got to stroke a  baby chick, which was a good practise for when we have our own chicks in class (1 week to go!). We also saw lots of cows, hens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. Thank you everyone who helped out on the day and to everyone who contributed to the cost of the trip, we couldn’t do trips without all your support.

Take a look at the photos, we did get a little soggy but we had a great day and the children were fantastic! Already looking forward to our next trip!

DSC09331 - Copy DSC09332 (2) DSC09337 (2) DSC09338 DSC09350 DSC09358 (2) DSC09359DSC09363 (2) DSC09365 (2) DSC09368 (2) DSC09370 DSC09371 (2) DSC09394 (2) DSC09397 DSC09408 DSC09412 (2) DSC09416 DSC09418 DSC09421 (2) DSC09427 DSC09431 DSC09432 DSC09434 (2) DSC09438 DSC09447 (2) DSC09455 DSC09460 (2) DSC09465 (2) DSC09467 (2)






Year 2 had a fantastic day out at St Leonard’s Farm. Whilst we were there we saw lots of animals and also got to stroke some baby animals and feed some goats. Miss Houldsworth got to cuddle a 2 month old lamb whilst we stroked it. We also saw some lambs that were only 2 hours old. We had the best time ever playing in the hay barn

!IMG_20180323_103710 P1020008 P1020054 P1020085 P1020102 P1020120 P1020003 P1020058 P1020061



Year 5 had a fantastic time at the University of Leeds Science Festival. The children made their own rollercoasters and learned about what everything in the Universe is made out of!

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Dear Parents and Carers,


This half term our topic is ‘Awesome Egyptians’ in which the children will be learning all about Ancient Egypt.  In literacy we will start with narrative writing, with a focus on writing to create an atmosphere in a mystery story. After that we will be looking at writing a balanced argument then a myth / legend from Ancient Egypt. In mathematics we will be working on fractions, decimals and percentages.


In science we will be looking at forces. The children will be investigating the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction. Art will be linked with the topic work and the children will be creating an Egyptian Death Mask.


I will teach the class for the majority of the week apart from Thursday afternoons where Jessica Freitas will be leading the ukulele lesson for the first lesson. The second lesson will be French and the class will be taught by Mr Brawley.


This half term the children can look forward to our trip to Bagshaw Museum on Wednesday 2nd May.


PE will be on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Both sessions will now take place outdoors. Please ensure your child has their PE kit which must be a white t-shirt, blue/black shorts and a separate pair of trainers suitable for sport. Please note baseball trainers and pumps are no longer allowed.


Guided Reading is every Thursday morning and homework will be set each week. The task must be completed for the next lesson and if time is not available at home then the children can attend Homework Club which is held in the Computing Suite each lunchtime. It would be greatly appreciated if you can help or remind your child to ensure they have completed the task. Spellings will be given on a Monday morning to be tested on a Friday morning. Children will have a weekly times tables test each Monday afternoon.


If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me at school.




Miss Johnson




Recently Y4 took advantage of the beautiful weather and got outside to complete some field work for their ‘Wild at Heart’ topic. Everyone completed a map of the school before going out do an environmental survey assessing the effects we humans have on the environment and how these changes can affect the living things in their natural habitats.

Afterwards the class though up ways that they could help. It was a lovely afternoon and great to do some interactive work in the great outdoors!

IMG_20180420_135458[1] IMG_20180420_135614[1] IMG_20180420_140103[1] IMG_20180420_140644[1] IMG_20180420_135930[1]


Summer HT1 2018 Newsletter


On Monday, Year Six showed off their amazingly creative and informative pieces of homework based on the natural disasters topic from last term. Examples of work included exploding volcanoes, a tornado diorama (complete with flying cows) and many informative pieces of work covering volcanoes, tsunamis and avalanches, to name but a few.

Great work Year Six!


IMG_1587 IMG_1595 IMG_1602 IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1612 IMG_1614 IMG_1615