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Last week Year 2 went on a trip to Filey. We dug holes in the sand, built sandcastles and paddled in the sea. Everyone had a fantastic time and said “it was the best time ever!”.

DSC04401 DSC04421 DSC04425 IMG_2414 IMG_2423 IMG_20180703_110929


Year 3 really enjoyed the cave drama workshop on Tuesday.

IMG_3104 IMG_3010 IMG_3015 IMG_3104 IMG_3117 IMG_3167 IMG_3199


Year 3 enjoyed making Roman style mosaics.

IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1477 IMG_1478 IMG_1479










On Friday 6th June, Year 4 headed over to York to the Danelaw Centre for Living History within the Yorkshire Farming Museum. The day started with everyone getting into their Viking clothing of cloth tunics, with hats for the boys and head dresses for the girls (Mr. Wrankmore and Mr. Tooley did not escape the dressing up!).

After that a brief visit to a Viking longhouse with the fire burning and then on to complete some Viking work. There was pottery to be made, board games to produce, Viking objects to be sorted and importantly, battle tactics and war cry’s to be learnt!

It was a very interesting and enjoyable day for everyone and extremely helpful in their learning about the Vikings I am sure. Take a look at some of the activities Y4 completed on the day:

IMG_20180608_123234[1] IMG_20180608_131122[1] IMG_20180608_105610[1] IMG_20180608_140503[1] IMG_20180608_111631[1]IMG_20180608_114132[1]IMG_20180608_121613[1]



During the last week of term Year 4 undertook their DT project: Moving Toys. Their brief was to create a functioning toy, utilising cam mechanisms (which I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you more about), with a creative theme and a professional look.

Despite some issues with resources (the actual boxes for the toys were not delivered until halfway through the construction process) the whole class did some fantastic work in their design phase and in their practical work to produce some brilliant Moving Toys that not only functioned well but looked great too!

Take a look at some of their work:

IMG_20180524_111625[1] IMG_20180524_092616[1] IMG_20180523_114240[1]IMG_20180525_144441[1] IMG_20180525_141254[1] IMG_20180525_145237[1]



Wednesday 6th June 2018


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back we hope that you had a wonderful break. Here is some information you may find useful and an overview of the learning that will be taking place this half term.



PE is on Thursday and Friday. Both of our session will be outside this half term (weather permitting).

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school (white t-shirt, dark shorts and trainers). It is also really helpful if these items are labelled with your child’s name! Please can children leave their kits in school at all times, as sometimes the timetable can change. Trainers will be needed this half term!


Reading Books

Please try to listen to your child read every day and sign or tick their reading record book, showing that it had been read.

Our class library day is Monday when children may select a book at lunchtime to take home from the library.



This half term our topic is ‘Wonderful Wool”.


Science – We will be looking at materials. We will look at their characteristics and what these materials can make. We will also be focusing on wool and how it is made.


History – We will be looking at Armley Mills and how the wool trade had changed in the years and how jobs have changed.


Art – We will be using materials in different ways.


PE – Thursday – Outdoor and adventurous.

Friday – Athletics


Music – We will be looking at music linked to summer.


RE and Computing will be taught on a Wednesday by Mrs Birdi. They will be looking at how to use computers to research in computing and ‘What does it mean to belong to a Church or a Mosque?’ in RE.





Homework is set throughout the school half termly. They will have a few weeks to complete the project and can complete it in any way they like. Ways of presenting their work is:

  • Through writing
  • Photographs
  • Art work
  • Sculptures
  • Anything that inspires their creative side.


This half term we are looking at different materials. Could you choose a material and find out about it or make something with it?



If you have any questions please come and ask us.


Yours Faithfully,


Caroline Mitchell

Baldeep Bhogal


Summer 2 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all enjoying the half term holiday, here is some general information about Reception and an overview of the learning we will be doing for the final half term in Reception! The year has gone so fast!

 Staff in Reception this half term

  • Mrs Ryan, Reception Class Teacher.
  • Marcella, Full time Teaching Assistant.
  • Miss Milburn, Learning Mentor (All day Tuesday and Thursday, plus Friday morning).
  • Miss Chudzik, Part time Teaching Assistant.

Miss Luney

We would like this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to Miss Luney for all her support, commitment and enthusiasm. She has now completed her teacher placement with us and with be starting a new job in Lower Wortley as a Reception Class Teacher. We wish her all the very best and all the luck in the world, we know she will be amazing and her new class are very lucky. Miss Luney’s last day wil be Tuesday 5th June, we will miss her lots.

Morning drop off

Please encourage your child to come into class (the cloakroom) by themselves, please refrain from coming into the cloakroom, we are now preparing the your child for the transition into Year 1. If your child can come into school independently, it will make their transition into Year 1 every morning much smoother and relaxed.


Phase 3 sounds this half term – digraphs (2 letters than make one sound): er, ue, ue and trigraphs (3 letters that make one sound): ure.

This will conclude all the sounds we learn in Reception, we will spend the rest of the half term consolidating all the sounds we have learnt throughout the year.

Please continue to read with your child every day and practise their new sounds. Remember to write in their reading journal once you have read with your child, we can then change their book.

We will continue to visit the school library on a Friday.

Circle Time

We will be focusing on reflection, of our plans, activities and goals, of how we have developed over the year and what our hopes and fears are for Year 1 and how we can make the transition smooth and relaxed.


We will be revisiting EVERYTHING! Just to make sure we are ready for Year 1.


PE lessons will start on Wednesday 6th June. We will be having PE lessons outside (weather dependent) where we will be perfecting our skills for Health and Sports week. We will continue to learn about the effects that exercise and being active has on our bodies and how to make healthy food choices. We will also be practising buttoning and tying laces, please support your child with this at home.

Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times

– white t-shirt, dark blue/black shorts, socks, trainers. Optional: Dark blue/black joggers and a dark blue/black hoodie.

 Without a PE kit your child will not be able to take part in PE.

Please make sure that your child wears clothes that are easy for them to take off and put on independently (no buttons at the back). Please encourage your child to get dressed/undressed at home independently as this will support them when getting ready for PE. Please do not send your child to school in their PE kit, part of our PE lessons, is getting changed.

Children with long hair should come to school with their hair tied up on a Wednesday.

Please make sure all clothes are named, including the clothes that your child wears on a Wednesday. It is very difficult for us to keep track of 30 PE kits and 30 outfits when they are not named. If you are missing any clothes from before the holidays, please check the pink lost property bin, we have only kept clothes that were named in the cloak room.


As the weather is improving (hopefully) please make sure that your child has a water bottle in school. They will need to take this home at the end of each day for it to be washed and refilled. You may also wish to provide a sunhat/cap for your child. Please make sure this is named. On particularly sunny days you may want to put sun cream on your child, this is something that we are unable to do in school.

At the end of the day when collecting your child, please leave the outdoor reception area as soon as you have collected your child. I realise that the weather is better and the children want to continue playing but the outdoor learning area is set up and ready for the following day each afternoon.


As you are aware Rose is receiving medical treatment for Leukaemia, this means that she will be at serious risk if exposed to measles, chicken pox or shingles. Please let us know immediately if you suspect that your child has chicken pox or measles. It is also very important that you let us know if anyone in your household has shingles. May we also remind you that your child should not attend school if they have diarrhoea or vomiting. Thank you for your co-operation, we know we can rely on your help with this.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored myself and Rose’s mum, Emily in taking part in the Race for Life 10k on Sunday 3rd June, if you would like more information or like to donate you can use this link –


Transition into Year 1

Your child will spend 2 afternoons in Year 1 during the week beginning 16th July. They will be split into 2 groups for this transition. They will all spend the morning in Year 1 as a whole class on Thursday 19th July.

Teddy Bear End of Year Picnic

You are invited to join Reception on Monday 23rd July for an end of year picnic, 12:10-1:10pm. This is a chance for parents, carers, Reception staff and children to chat and celebrate an amazing year in Reception, you will be given the chance to look at your child’s learning journeys and can take them home.

Lunch will be provided for children in Reception, please bring your own lunch, snacks an treats for yourself and any younger siblings who attend. We will also invite older siblings in school, who will be able to attend once they have had their lunch in the school hall.

If you have a picnic blanket, please bring that also. Keep a look out for more information nearer the time.

A Final Thank you

I would like to say thank you for your support and understanding throughout the year, it has been a pleasure you work with your children throughout the year and I will be sad to say goodbye to them at the end of term but they are ready for the challenge of Year 1 and I wish them all the best!

 If you have any questions, as always I am happy to have a brief chat before or after school, if you need longer, please arrange a time with me so we can discuss things fully. My email address is n.hussain@springbankprimary.org

Mrs Ryan

Reception Class Teacher

Dates for your diary

Sunday 3rd June: Race for Life, Temple Newsam, 9am. Come and cheer us on!

Monday 4th June: Back to school.

Tuesday 5th June: School trip to Temple Newsam House.

Miss Luney’s last day.

Monday 18th June: Teacher Training Day. School will be closed.

Tuesday 19th June: Whole class photos.

Saturday 7th July: Summer Fair.

Thursday 12th July: Sports Day, from 1:10pm.

Monday 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th  July: Transition afternoons in Year 1.

Thursday 19th  July, AM: Whole Class transition to Year 1.

Monday 23rd July: Teddy Bear End of Year Picnic.

Wednesday 25th  July: Last day in Reception. Break up for the summer holidays.



A big congratulations is in order for Spring Bank’s Year 6 class and their teachers at the end of this week, their SATs week. The class have had a very intense year working hard in preparation for the tests and have had a tough test week to cap it all off. Year 6 must be commended for the way they approached their tests, with a very calm and confident manner and hopefully the hard work will pay off when results come back to them.

To end the week they were treated to a well-deserved trip to Gelato for some celebratory ice cream and will be off to Ingleborough next week for a ‘break’!

Well done to everyone in Year 6 and good luck with your results!IMG_20180518_092751[1]


Last week Year 1 went on a Trip to Tropical World. In the morning we took part in a workshop. We found out how to identify mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. Then we ‘interviewed’ a tree by finding our how tall they were and how old they were using measurements. Next we went on a mini-beast hunt and we found lots of them! We also had our very own meerkat when one of us dressed up as one.

In the afternoon we went into Tropical World and saw lots of other animals. We liked the butterflies, crocodile and meerkats. We also got up VERY close to a bird who wasn’t scared by us! we also found Nemo and Dory!

SAM_2299 SAM_2295 SAM_2278 SAM_2274 SAM_2272 SAM_2263 IMG_20180426_124613 SAM_2256 SAM_2257 SAM_2262 IMG_20180426_111935 IMG_20180426_111618 IMG_20180426_111354 IMG_20180426_111330 IMG_20180426_110526 IMG_20180426_100103 IMG_20180426_101132 IMG_20180426_103432 IMG_20180426_103513 IMG_20180426_103616


Reception had a wonderful day at the farm on Friday, we started at the pond searching for pond life, we were very good at it! We found lots of creepy crawlies and then had a closer look at them using magnifying glasses and a microscope. After lunch we went on a tour of the farm, we were able to feed the llamas, donkeys, goats and sheep, the sheep let us stroke them too! We also got to stroke a  baby chick, which was a good practise for when we have our own chicks in class (1 week to go!). We also saw lots of cows, hens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. Thank you everyone who helped out on the day and to everyone who contributed to the cost of the trip, we couldn’t do trips without all your support.

Take a look at the photos, we did get a little soggy but we had a great day and the children were fantastic! Already looking forward to our next trip!

DSC09331 - Copy DSC09332 (2) DSC09337 (2) DSC09338 DSC09350 DSC09358 (2) DSC09359DSC09363 (2) DSC09365 (2) DSC09368 (2) DSC09370 DSC09371 (2) DSC09394 (2) DSC09397 DSC09408 DSC09412 (2) DSC09416 DSC09418 DSC09421 (2) DSC09427 DSC09431 DSC09432 DSC09434 (2) DSC09438 DSC09447 (2) DSC09455 DSC09460 (2) DSC09465 (2) DSC09467 (2)