Spring Bank Primary School


What is the role of the Governing Body?

Behaviour Principles – a written statement from the Governing Body

The governing body have responsibility for raising school standards through their three core strategic functions of:

a. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

b. holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

c. overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money well spent.

It works in close and balanced partnership with the Headteacher, who is responsible for day to day management issues. There are 14 governors including the Head teacher, 1 staff governor, two parent governors, a LA governor  and nine co-opted governors.

Download our annual report 2015-2016 from here:

Governance Statement for 2016-17

Who are the School Governors?

There are different types of governors listed on the governing body.

The Headteacher always has the choice to be a member of the governing body. Our Parent Governors are elected by parents and carers of pupils registered at school. Our LEA governor is appointed by the Local Education Authority. Our Staff governor is a paid member of staff who has been elected by the staff.

Governors at our School.  


 Chair of Governors                          

Janet Matthews                                                          

Appointed: 27/11/14                                               









I have lived in the local area for nearly 40 years. I have two grown up children. I retired three years ago after a career auditing in the public sector which involved reviewing governance, internal control, financial management, accounting, performance management and value for money.

I am now just as busy as when I was at work including being on the board of several organisations in Leeds but still having time for reading, walking and going on holidays.

Vice Chair of Governors

Deborah Park

Appointed 24/9/15




Michael Brawley



Staff Governor

Jo Ward

Appointed: 24/11/16


I have worked as a teacher at Spring Bank Primary School for 23 years. I lead Literacy and Assessment across the school and also am a Key Stage Leader.

Parent Governors

Lizzie Simpson

Appointed: 19/5/16


Jessica Field

Appointed: 23/11/17

I work as a Lead Practitioner of Science at a large secondary school, have lived in the area for 20 years and my child began her education at Spring Bank this year. I am passionate about education and am honoured to have the opportunity to be part of the development of our local school to give our community’s children both the best academic start and also to support them in developing into well rounded, happy individuals ready to face the challenges of secondary school.


LEA Governor

Al Garthwaite

Appointed: 26/11/15

Co-opted Governors (Governors who have been appointed as they have particular skills and expertise to bring to the Governing Body.)

Marcella Manfredonia

Appointed: 27/11/14


I have worked as a teaching assistant at Spring Bank for three and a half years now and done so in years one, two and Reception. This academic year (2017/8) will be my third in Reception where I recently qualified as a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant with Early Years as my focus. I began volunteering as a parent when my son was in year 3. He leaves this year to go on to High School. He has been right through the school from Reception to Year 6 and his experience has been a very happy and very successful one.

I have also been studying a B.A in Learning and Teaching at the University of Leeds and will hopefully complete this July 2018.

Amy Houldsworth

Appointed: 27/11/14

I have worked as a primary school teacher for 22 years, the last 15 years in Headingley. I lead the curriculum at Spring Bank Primary School and support Assessment. I am also a trained SLE (Specialist Leader of Education) to support other schools and am about to complete an MA in Education in September 2017.

Robin Phelan

Appointed: 27/11/14


I have lived in the local area for over 25 years & have worked in the Finance industry for over 20 years. I Currently work for a major bank in the Governance & Control business area.

My role covers Incident Management including customer remediation, Business Continuity Management & Bank Risk Policies I am the Bank’s Go Green site Leader and work in Partnership with BEAT ( Bradford Environmental Action Trust ) supporting environmental projects they run with local business & schools in the West Yorkshire area. I am also a member on the Leeds Citizen Panel .

Mike Bird

Appointed: 27/11/14

Having worked for many years in the community, at Oxfam, Headingley Library and, more recently as Manager of HEART I have gained not just skills around people management and community integration but feel I also have an understanding of the area and the diversity of its people.

Amongst other things I am pleased that HEART is a ‘Mindful’ and ‘Disability Confident’ employer as well as a ‘Safe Place’. Hopefully this understanding of the needs of all our community has a bearing on my role as a governor at Spring Bank and helps me recognise the needs and abilities of all pupils at the school and what the leadership team do within the school to ensure no-one is left behind.

Paul Cockerill

Appointed: 23/11/17

Rosie Hanley

Appointed: 12/3/15


I am a trained primary school teacher. I taught in a small village school and then at GSAL Juniors, but I decided to leave teaching when my first son was born. I enjoy discussing all the teaching and learning aspects of Spring Bank Primary. I am now a full-time mum to two boys. I love reading, watching films and spending time with my family.


All of our Governors have signed a declaration of governors interests form summarised below

Name Business Interest Other establishments governed Relationships with staff/members of the Governing Body Date
Janet Matthews None None None 21.9.17
Deborah Park None Thorpe Primary School, Leeds None 21.9.17
Jo Ward None None None 21.9.17
Alison Garthwaite None None None 23.11.17
Jessica Field  None  None  None  23.11.17
Robin Phelan None None None 21.9.17
Paul Cockerill None None None 23.11.17
Marcella Manfredonia None None None 21.9.17
Amy Houldsworth None None None 21.9.17
Rosie Hanley None None None 21.9.17
Mike Bird None None None 21.9.17
Michael Brawley None None None 21.9.17
Lizzie Simpson  None  None  None  21.9.17

The full governing body meets five times a year.  There are three main committees;

Teaching and Learning – Deborah Park( Chair) Jo Ward, Janet Matthews, Amy Houldsworth, Mike Bird, Rosie Hanley, Michael Brawley

Resources Committee – Robin Phelan (Chair), Jo Ward, Janet Matthews, Paul Cockerill, Michael Brawley

Pupil Support Committee – Al Garthwaite (Chair), Marcella Manfredonia, Michael Brawley,  Jessica Field,  Lizzie Simpson

Headteacher’s Performance Management/Pay Committee – Janet Matthews, Robin Phelan, Deborah Park

Pay Appeal Committee – Jessica Field, Paul Cockerill

Please click on the link below to check our governor’s attendance at meetings.

Some of our governors have special responsibilities.

Child protection/ LAC  governor: Deborah Park

SEND governor: Lizzie Simpson

Training and Link governor: Robin Phelan

Extended Services/Attendance: Marcella Manfredonia

Complaints Governor: Janet Matthews

Health and Safety Governor: Robin Phelan

Pupil Premium Governor: Janet Matthews

EYFS Governor: Amy Houldsworth

Sports Premium Governor: Lizzie Simpson

Equalities Governor: Jo Ward

We have a rolling program of reviewing all the school policies. Some policies are available on this website and all policies can be viewed by contacting the Headteacher, Mr Brawley at the school or via  email at  m.brawley@springbankprimary.org


Each class has a nominated governor ‘buddy’ who might join them on school trips and/or attend class assemblies.

Reception – Janet Matthews

Year 1 –   Al Garthwaite

Year 2 –   Rosie Henley

Year 3 –  Mike Bird

Year 4 –   Robin Phelan

Year 5 –  Lizzie Simpson

Year 6 –   Paul Cockerill


How can I become a School Governor?

If you  think you have what it takes to be a school governor there are a number of ways of finding schools that have vacancies:

  • You can contact the school to ask if they need a new governor
  • You can contact SGOSS – Governors for Schools, which recruits Governors nationally
  • You can contact Leeds City Council.

If you wish to contact the governors, you can speak to them directly or leave a message for any of them at the school office on

0113 204 3120.

Future Meetings of the full Governing Body are Thursday 21st September, Thursday 23rd November, Thursday 11th January