Spring Bank Primary School

Dance Competition 2018


A highlight of Health and Sports Week, as always, was the annual Dance Competition. The audience were treated to three stunning performances from the Spring Bank Dance Club who have been working extremely hard to put together their dance routines – it certainly paid off!

The dances in the competition were extremely entertaining, some dancers showed extreme bravery with their solo performances, others showed great cohesion in their team dances and all contestants entertained! There was a lot of talent on show and some beautiful choreography (some rather interesting and amusing choreography too, at times!) which made for a great competition. In the end the final were as follows:

3rd – Martha, Luna, Eve and Kitty (Year 6)

2nd – Xaber (Year 6 – a phenomenal performance in her debut dance competition, brilliant to see!)

1st – Isiah (Year 6)

Well done to all those who took Part and a big thankyou to the judges, the audience and to Mr. Wrankmore and dance teacher Becka for making it all possible!

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