Spring Bank Primary School

Stars of the Week 22.06.18


Stars of the Week!

We started with a fantastic sporting achievement this week from the Y4, 5 and 6 girls who took part in St. Bart’s Cup on Thursday 21st June. They did very well and managed to win two games despite never having played together as a team, so a big well done to them.

Back in school, Reception’s stars had completed yet more brilliant writing on the Titanic showing some in-depth historical knowledge and even created a World Cup sweepstake, Y1 had a whole class of stars for putting on their marvellous assembly this week, whilst Year 2 had done some brilliant work on their Seaside topic and one star had a certificate for bouldering too. Year 3’s stars were awarded for their creative work and writing following their drama day this week; Year 4 produced some spectacular models for their Vikings homework, whilst Year 5’s stars were awarded for being responsible learners! Last, but not least, Year 6 had a team of stars for their film trailer production work.

Well done to all of our stars this week!


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