Spring Bank Primary School

Year 1 go to Tropical World!


Last week Year 1 went on a Trip to Tropical World. In the morning we took part in a workshop. We found out how to identify mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. Then we ‘interviewed’ a tree by finding our how tall they were and how old they were using measurements. Next we went on a mini-beast hunt and we found lots of them! We also had our very own meerkat when one of us dressed up as one.

In the afternoon we went into Tropical World and saw lots of other animals. We liked the butterflies, crocodile and meerkats. We also got up VERY close to a bird who wasn’t scared by us! we also found Nemo and Dory!

SAM_2299 SAM_2295 SAM_2278 SAM_2274 SAM_2272 SAM_2263 IMG_20180426_124613 SAM_2256 SAM_2257 SAM_2262 IMG_20180426_111935 IMG_20180426_111618 IMG_20180426_111354 IMG_20180426_111330 IMG_20180426_110526 IMG_20180426_100103 IMG_20180426_101132 IMG_20180426_103432 IMG_20180426_103513 IMG_20180426_103616

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