Spring Bank Primary School

Pizza Express


Today Reception went on their first school trip to Pizza Express. All the adults were very impressed with how sensible and grown up all the children were when walking into Headingley. On arrival the children listened carefully to the instructions given and all made their own pizza. Whilst our pizzas were cooking, the children took part in a pizza ingredient quiz. We found out that there are 156 tomatoes in each tin of tomatoes used at Pizza Express and the 5 ingredients needed to make dough are flour, water, yeast, salt and sugar.

We then came back to school and ate our pizza’s for lunch! They were very tasty! Only 2 children managed to eat all their pizza, everyone else had some to take home after school.

Have a look at the photos to see our Pizza fun!

DSC08378 DSC08381 DSC08382 DSC08383 DSC08392 DSC00441 IMG_20180206_101745 IMG_20180206_102421 IMG_20180206_102426 IMG_20180206_115931 IMG_20180206_121035 IMG_20180206_121044 IMG_20180206_121047 IMG_20180206_121110 IMG_20180206_121115 IMG_20180206_121120 IMG_20180206_121126 IMG_20180206_121129 IMG_20180206_121132 IMG_20180206_121152 IMG_20180206_121214 IMG_20180206_121220 IMG_20180206_121230 IMG_20180206_121238 IMG_20180206_121247 IMG_20180206_121250 IMG_20180206_121255 IMG_20180206_121310 IMG_20180206_121320DSC08398 DSC08399 DSC08402 DSC08410 DSC08412 DSC08420 DSC08421 IMG_20180206_095412 IMG_20180206_095430 IMG_20180206_100303 IMG_20180206_100321

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