Spring Bank Primary School

Science: States of Matter


Over the past few weeks Year 4 have been undertaking the some exciting science work; investigating the different states of matter. Year 4 have been conducting various experiments analysing the different states of matter, observing how states of matter can change and assessing the states of matter of different materials.

Fizzy Drink Experiment

This experiment saw the students investigating the differences in weight between drinks when fizzy and drinks when flat, with the students concluding which fizzy drink was the fizziest.

Chocolate Melting Experiment

This investigation involved melting chocolate using different temperatures of water to find out the optimum temperature for melting the chocolate the fastest. This was a particularly interesting experiment as the Year 4’s used their results to melt some chocolate for their own Rice Krispie Cakes! Mr. Wrankmore and Mr. Tooley were quickly shunned from any taste testing!

Evaporation Challenge

Another exciting experiment involved the children dissolving salt and sugar into water and placing the resulting mixture into different shaped containers before placing them in various points around the room to assess the speed and extent of evaporation.

Other experiments were observed by the class allowing them to see more of the processes and states of matter that they had learned about, they will now take this knowledge forward to learn more about the Water Cycle in their next Science topic.

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