Spring Bank Primary School

Do you want to sew a snowman?


Last week Year 1 were busy making their own puppets. They all made a snowman.

Have a look at the final result!

SAM_1255 SAM_1257 SAM_1258 SAM_1259 SAM_1260 SAM_1262 SAM_1263 SAM_1264 SAM_1265 SAM_1266 SAM_1267 SAM_1268 SAM_1269 SAM_1271 SAM_1272 SAM_1273 SAM_1274 SAM_1276 SAM_1277 SAM_1278 SAM_1279 SAM_1280 SAM_1282 SAM_1283 SAM_1284 SAM_1285 SAM_1286 SAM_1287 SAM_1288 SAM_1289

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