Spring Bank Primary School

Toys from the Past


Year 1 had a visit from Catherine. She brought in lots of toys that children used to play with in the past. We learnt that most toys were made from wood and metal and some toys were made from fabric.

We got to play with all the different toys including dominoes and pick up sticks. Here are a few photos to show what we looked at.


Jacob’s ladder


DSC03822 DSC03824 DSC03826 DSC03836




DSC03817 DSC03842 DSC03847DSC03819


Cup and Ball – this was tricky!


DSC03828 DSC03831 DSC03851 DSC03853


Packing Hens


SAM_0973 SAM_0975 SAM_0985 SAM_0987




SAM_0963 SAM_0964 SAM_0965 SAM_0966


Spinning Tops


SAM_0979 SAM_1000 SAM_1002 SAM_1040


Squeeze Toys

SAM_1008 SAM_1050 SAM_1061 SAM_1068

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