Spring Bank Primary School

Our moving pictures.


As part of our In The Freezer topic we made a moving picture. We used cold colours for the background. We either painted the background or glued on cold coloured paper. Most of us made a penguin that popped up from behind an iceberg or slid across an iceberg.

SAM_8465 SAM_8466 SAM_8468 SAM_8471 SAM_8475 SAM_8478 SAM_8482 SAM_8484 SAM_8486 SAM_8489 SAM_8490 SAM_8493 SAM_8494 SAM_8496 SAM_8498 SAM_8501 SAM_8502 SAM_8504 SAM_8508 SAM_8511 SAM_8512 SAM_8517 SAM_8519 SAM_8522 SAM_8524

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