Spring Bank Primary School

Our Antarctica Homework


Look at all the fabulous work we did at home of Antarctica. We made it for our topic Into The Freeezer.SAM_8430 SAM_8431 SAM_8432 SAM_8433 SAM_8434 SAM_8435 SAM_8436 SAM_8437 SAM_8438 SAM_8439 SAM_8440 SAM_8441 SAM_8442 SAM_8443 SAM_8444 SAM_8445 SAM_8446 SAM_8447 SAM_8448 SAM_8449 SAM_8450 SAM_8451 SAM_8453 SAM_8455 SAM_8456 SAM_8457 SAM_8458 SAM_8459 SAM_8460 SAM_8461 SAM_8462

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